December 24, 2010

Hand-it-over Theatre

Eric has some good ideas with the buildings next door.   This project, other then maybe a TIF, needs to be 100% privately funded.   There should not be one penny of government monies going into this project. 

Hey anyone have an update on the new restaurant in the garage on MLK?  

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Jahn said...

Bill, you been hitting the Jahngameister early this Christmas Eve?

I always thought A TIF is gub'mint money.......or at the very least, taxpayer money.

Merry Christmas to all.

I would think that Gary Rosen could help you out with your question re May St sewerage work. He's doing great work helping out the residents of Meadow brook rd. He even made Womag this week..but his Womag piece kinda goes in circles.

He voted for the new snow shoveling ordinace that exempts the city from having to clear it's own sidewalks w/in 8 hrs of a snowfall........and now he's complaining about unshovelled city sidewalks...then he goes on to say he wouldnt have voted for it if he knew Comm. Moylan was going to be a bully re: the ordinace. Always nice to have a fall guy to blame in the city administration......geeeeeesh.

Gary, did you also vote for the nuisance ordinance that also exemtps the city.

" I voted for the new sholvelling ord, before, I knew Mr Moylan would become a bully"

T.or F. ?

" I voted for the snow shoveling ordiance, before I voted for the Nuisnace ordinace" ??? Not sure if this is true or false?

Gary, Gary, Gary, we know you read this blog. We anxiously await your response????? Wonder if Mr Moylan shovels his sidewalks?

TY you in advance for your timley reply.

Peace on terra firm, good WILL toward men.