December 29, 2010


Nothing made it to the Telegram regarding the revocation of their state tax credits?


Jahn said...

It will make to the T& just wont be very timely news by the time it gets there.

It will probably make it into In City Times with a little swearing and ranting added for emphasis, b4 it makes it into the T&G...given that it's news from D-4 and right smack in the middle of The In City Times circulation, demographic, and general audience locale.

Jahn said...

Ok folks now this is typical of what is wrong with gov't. I just picked up tonights garbage wrapper and front & center on the 1st page are 2 stories dealing w/ govt spending.

First piece concerns how we need to close 2 district courts and now of course all those with a vested interest in keeping the Leom. & Westbo courts open are ++++'ing and moaning. I wonder if they do close one or both of them how many probation officers & court officers & janitors will be laid off.....can u say NADA?

2nd piece concerns the MBTA buying quieter commuter rail cars. I wonder how much more the quieter ones will cost and do we really need them to begin with. Hey urban subway systems make with it or move to Idaho and complain about the 430 am rooster crowing.

Politicains cannot make critical (hard) decisions