December 29, 2010

Eric Kriss

Found this on Wikipedia by Eric Krisss.  How true is this?

The threat of escalating municipal labor costs due to Chapter 150E led Secretary Kriss to introduce the concept of Municipal Stability Factors[10] as an online assessment tool for local officials. When he left office in September 2005, Kriss warned that overly generous contracts with public employees, together with a failure to control employee healthcare costs and an aversion to development that could spur new tax revenue, have doomed cities and towns to a dark financial future. "This is a quiet crisis, a crisis of attrition. It's not a Katrina, but if we extrapolate over the next couple of years, it will get worse and worse and worse."


jpm01609 said...

Eric Kriss is/was one of the best financial people we have ever had in this state.

The Democrats are (seemingly) blind to the economic bind that the municipal unins have put the entire state in because it is those same unions that benefit the Democrat party at voting time.

Kriss, for one, articulated the facts again and again as to the weaknesses of a one party state that itself is dominated by municipal unions.

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