December 10, 2010

City of Worcester Checkbook

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Now do a search by vendor name, department or even employee name 


Sigmund F. said...

So who is the contractor doing the digging at Main & May Sts?

Ya suppose whoever it is, would be listed as a so called city vendor?

I couldnt get it to open, but my suspicion is that we will not get to see all city disbursements.

E.g. let see the payroll checking acct.. or the checking acct used to pay lawsui settlements. I have to wonder if debt sevice payments are considered payments to vendors.

Il'll betcha Mr. Z. knows how many different disbusrments bank accts the city has.

Lets slao see the receipts side of all the money we rec'd (NOT!) on july 1st for the airport

Lets also see every disbursemtn for those city official who have a city credit card...........seeing a $1,000 payment to Mastercard really tells us nothing.....seeing the monthly detail on that Visa card tells us much more.

But hey all things said.....I would consder this a decent start........and hardly representaitve of full disclosure. Think of it as showing the Bubba's (taxpayers) a little cleavage & maybe a kneecap when the city sits down :)

Crooked City said...

No transparency there.
There is no description field for what any of the payment are for.

Wow said...

Look at the money given to th CDCs

Jahn said...

Does the city give money to CDC's or does the city just act as conduit from Beacon Hill and Washington for funds sent from the state and the feds to CDC?

We (city) do give CDC's loan guarantees which end up being the same as money b/c the CDC gets the cash from the city guaranteed 7th mortgage on low income casa.

What bothers me is that many payments are labeled as Other Supplies, Other Services, and Otehr Personal Services. really kinda non descript & generic terminolology for an city like Worc that has a $500M+ budget.

There was $5,000+ to a company named (cant recall the name exactly) called Weed and Vegetation Growth Management...something like that...and it is labeled as being for Other Personal I am a public....meaning Public school grad...........but I fail to comprehend how something like this is deemed "Other Personal Services" maybe a St Jahns boy can help me out here??

Weed & Vegetation M'gt???? Is the above company giving haircuts or cutting out nasal hairs or administering body waxes??. I fail to see how this is a personal service. Somehow weeeds and vegetaion dont have a so called personal ring to them?

Maybe It's an inhalable weed? We'd like an answer please

Scott Fox said...

We still have taxpayers in Worc who think b/c their assessed valuation drops, that their real estate taxes should also be dropped (redueced).

ANyone ever wonder why some T&G editorial writers (letter to editor) treat Worc like the utility closet of NEw England

Wow said...

Don't care how or where it comes to them my comment is how much was written to them and as Bill said never mind how much stuff is waived maybe people should see how much is given to them through the city...never mind everywhere else... Seeing all those checks of FREE money.

Jahn said...

Wow, I agree, it doesnt matter where it comes from, we're all still paying for.

I was trying to say you can't blame the city for the actual payment of the money. If, for example, you were the representative of a deceased relatives affairs, you cant be blamed for having to give the drug addicted nephew money that is rightly due him from the estate.

Should the city be blamed for allowing our zoning ordinance to be continually side stepped so more low in come housing can be built....absolutely.

IMO, ew've already crossed the line wiht too mich lo wincome housing construction. There are too many vested interests who continue to inudate the city with this menace. We have far too many non profit, low income housing "companies" which are run by people who are completely unqualified to be in the real estate business.