November 24, 2009

1-7 Piedmont Street

Worcester's latest low-mod income property development. According to the website: This project is designed to serve single residents or couples through the construction of 12 one bedroom apartments on floors two to four at affordable rates in addition to providing 4 commercial/studio/retail spaces on the street level. There is a deficit of both in this target area.

How much is this going to cost? Appears to be two loans:
  1. Book 43717 page 1 Mass Housing/EONS 2,756,012
  2. Book 43716 page 343 Banknorth 520,800

In other words in the 3,200,000 - 3,300,000 million dollar range. Please note this project has absolutely no off street parking. Ironically I am listening to the D4 Councilor at the City Council complaining how a project on the corner of May/Woodland that has provided off street parking, but the tenants are parking in the street not the said lot, thus putting a strain on the neighborhood.

Where do you think the people who live at 1-7 Piedmont Street will park, when in fact there is no off street parking at all? ZBA waived all parking requirements here. Just another example of the double standard between private developers and developers of low to mod income housing.


Paulie's Point of View said...

the deficit is going to be to the landlords already housing these folks who will not be able to compete with this....pretty hard for a landlord to keep up with the housing being built and the demographics in the District not changing...a private landlord can not sink the same kind of money into a similiar project and rent for what these projects are renting for....numbers only work for a subsidized project that most of us in the private sector are never able to do...

Jahn said...

How many sq. ft. in this project..........$3.3M divided by 16 units (12 1 bedroom residences plus 4 storefronts) =

About $200,000 + PER UNIT..........STILL WAY TOO HIGH.......ESP CONSIDERING THE RESIDENCES ARE only 1 bedrooms....and of course we only know how much was borrowed..............what if Worc Common Grd tossed some of their own money.....also the ground level retail units are probaly not even built out.........way too much dinero on a per unit of per sq ft basis......

Please dont forget you guys have jim McGovern to thamk and I amgetting tired of seeing his swamy looking puss in the T&T almsot daily lately.

deval in town yesterday............the fraud must been on the way to his Berkshires Manse for an early slide for T Day weeknd.......was his black labrador with him or has he returned that to the dog pound now that the heat is off him re closing zoos and possibly having to euthanize zoo animals......which is about the time this poser starts showing up with a puppy in tow.

Bill Randell said...


The entire square footage of the entire lot is 5,742 square feet.


Jahn said...

Where are the residents going to park once teh 4 retial units are occupied?... Customers will need parking in front of the place..........or will all these residents (possibly 24 residents) going to be rented to folks who only walk or take the bus.

YOu just wait years from now when there is a major fire nearby one of these low income housing structures and the fire trucks cannot get by b/c soo many cars are parked in the street after a few good snowfalls......b/c there is no where near an adequate amt. offstreet parking for these densely built NOLO dev'ments.

signman said...

this lot is just big enough for a single family correct? Who owned this lot before WCG? If I remember correctly it fell into the street had an order to tear down since 1993 and nothing done... Some how WCG ends up with it they own property behind Beacon Auto that has been boarded up since six eight years ago... and the city lets them build and gives them money for this project??

Ironically I am listening to the D4 Councilor at the City Council complaining how a project on the corner of May/Woodland that has provided off street parking, but the tenants are parking in the street not the said lot, thus putting a strain on the neighborhood.

She should have stepped up and stopped this project and get on WCG to fix Peidmont... talk to me like i am a two year old cuz I do not understand

Bill Randell said...

Book 43672 page 121

ZBA waived 48 parking spaces from the off street parking requirements.

Rich Greenhalgh said...

Same old BS, let’s tell people where they should live instead of creating jobs so they can decide on their own.

Jahn said...

Signman thsi the same Worc Common Grd that owns the old Institutional linens site that has been overgrown with 6 ft weeds now since they razed the old building on there back in 2007.

I get a sherriffs notice b/c there's an unregistered car on my property and WGC has been in violation of the citys nuisance ordinace on Mason St now for too long and no one ever writes these jokers up. Instead what some times happens is WGC will rat out private landlords.

Addititionally constr was supposed to start on Mason St site in Sept, 2005. BTW Havana Jim McGovern allegedly has relatives and/or friends involved on the Mason St site.

Mason St site is partly private money and I predict the original plans on that site will never come to pass or if they do it will be 10 years from now. I woudlnt be suprised to see a few duplexes/triplexs built there...........which what it s/b.

Meanwhile where is our office of Exec neighborhood services..............asleep at the switch...........or under staffed...........right...!!!! Maybe these guys should start thinkng about working the entire office until 7-800 pm and also coming in on saturdays until that cesspool is cleaned up.

Paulie's Point of View said...

don't you understand Signman..they have the plan for urban renewal..if we give em..three more decades things may happen

I had a very popular blues band play at an event for me last week in Cambridge...said Gilreins was the worst place to one there..I popped in and it was empty.

I remember running into a very prominent local at Gilreins when it re-opened..said to me "Paulie, we have to support this place"....I though yah...keep filling up every block with folks who refuse to contribute to society..thats a plan to encourage more business down here....poor management part of the issue also but not all on the managements back.

There was never any hope of Main South becoming a cultural mecca with the plan they put in down there..this city is so worried about gentrification but it seems to have no issue with no one having a job within the urban core or there being any real jobs within the urban core..

Lots of guys and gals in this city going to heaven in gold plated caskets....

Sprout said...

Four stories good, ground floor retail nice - now if this project had 10% no-lo units (round up and give 'em 2 units out of 12) and put this in the canal district, wouldn't this be the kind of project Gabe has been looking to see happen?

Jahn said...

SProut, just to let you know the canal District had a CDC.......but it's been alleged there were finacial irregualrities with it................i dont know how it was eever resovled.