November 27, 2009

Telegram Story

There is a story in the newspaper today entitled "Holy Cross official lashes out at D4 Councilor".

Reading the headline I assumed that during a public hearing a Holy Cross official went after Councilor Haller rudely. Then I read the story. The reporter was not even there; however, "several neighborhood residents told the Telegram that there was a private exchange after the meeting. How about the names of the neighborhood residents??? Do you really think "several neighborhood residents" called the Telegram about this exchange?

Then the reporter quotes comments from Mr Vellaccio, the Holy Cross official, from the person being "lashed out" it?? Wouldn't that be somewhat biased?? Did anyone else confirm these quotes? I would not even run this on the blog if someone reported this to me.

Next time Paul Colyer and I get into a heated arguement and he lashed out at me, I am going to call the Telegram and tell them how Paul "lashed out" at me and see if they run a story on it?


Gabe said...

Yeah, that story left a bad taste in my mouth too.

Paulie's Point of View said...

I hope you never lash out at me..I already have enough with 224 Chandler Street to worry about