November 18, 2009

UNUM comments on CitySquare

In today's Telegram, click here. Here is one quote

“I think we’re very focused on getting the lease settled. So again, I want to assure, we are absolutely committed to that project. We’re very excited about that project and, again, getting the development under way.”

Please note the absence of a date. My January 1st deadline bet is looking with Dewey.


Jahn said...

Boston Herald today (11-18) has a story re: a proposed movie induustry project in Plymouth that has hit the proverbial Plymouth Rock. The reason you ask?.......PLA's (Project Labor agreements) are far too costly.

I heard a few weesk ago from a source deemed relaible that UNUM is balking at PLA constr. costs. SO Murray and Havana Jim must be BULL++++...HUH??

Come on David. You got the inside track on this project. You have to have heard something. Any truth to the above rumor?

You think we got problems now with constr thuggery.......wait until the 99 weeks of unemployment bennies runs dry.

So......OK UnUM in so many words UNUM is ready to go. Berkley is not? I hate to read between the lines......but.........when am I going to see the new Front St. I wanna go to the new (old?) Jobbers Outlet and buy a pair of Lee I did back in 1890's [g]

Jahn said...

Paulie, I am not a political strategist, but I think Councilor Barbara Haller is up on College Hill making noise about noisey students ...all in an attempt to deflect attention away from the new PIP Chanler St site.

Stoppoing college kids from drinking and rowdy behavior is like tryng to stop worlds oldest profession.

Let me ask yews people......if ewe were forced to chose between living on Caro St (for example) or a near WPI frathouse and living near a PIP shelter, what would you chose?

At least the drunken Purple People and drunken, horny frat boys get up on Sundae morning and engage in productive, civil behavior until the following Saturday night......vs........PIP patrons who chill on the street corners all day and night 7 days a week.

Me, I'll take the frat house next door or the Caro St 3 deckaaah. If they wanna water me shubbery with their my guest.....additionally college kids are only around about 28-30 weeks of the year. They go home to Greenwich,Ct and wizz on their parents shubbery the otehr 22 weeks of the year.

David Z. said...


Even if I lose the bet with you based on our January 1st cut-off date, Worcester will be a winner when CitySquare rises on the site of the failed Worcester Center Galleria/Common Outlets Mall.

Bill Randell said...


No s----??? This is one bet I want to lose!!!

That said, I have heard the same thing Jahn has. The added cost of construction fot the PLA, which will be passed along to UNUM, is the stumbling block

Paul Shea said...

Jahn you may be right about the construction costs but i have to ask about your source. Deemed reliable? Deemed reliable by who? Deemed reliable by what standards? I don't know how much stock to put into your comments because I know nothing about where the information is coming from. But with that said, the reason you provide, construction costs, does sound plausible.

Jahn said...

I am going to ask for the 100th time. Has Berkley even pulled demo permits yet and do they have a demo guy lined up.

Thats a huge demo job and will poss. require the likes of a Testa or a Noth American Site Dev'ment, both from greater Bawstin area to demo it.........and grind and screen it to crushed aggregate.

I assume you just cant show up at teh demo guys dorrrstep and say we're already to go in 2 weeks???

Paul Shea, newly obsessed blog reader said...

You would hope that they have their ducks in a row so that when a lease is signed they can move quickly. But you never know with this project, it's been a mess since day one. However, I am more concerned with just getting the lease signed right now and less concerned with when the demo actually takes place.

I do know they plan to initially demo just Unum's new lot to begin with and then while the new building construction is happening, the remainder of phase one demo will continue.

Paulie's Point of View said...

I heard they got Frankenstein Recycle doing Senor Jahn

Jahn said...

Paul Shea, deemed reliable by me.

Standards.....MMMMM........the individual in question has an A- to A rating when it comes to rumors turning into facts/actual occurences.

The lease would be signed but it is not b/c UNUM wants a rental rate that reflects costs associated with non PLA constr vs. costs associated with PLA constr jobs.....somewhere around 18% to 20% higher per those who have studied this subject. The lower the cost of the building, the lower the rent to be passed on to tenants.

ANother small matter in this situation is lending for all new commercial constr.......which in Berkleys case is part I assume UNUM isnt going to occupy 100% of the newly built space. Even the pope would have trouble getting comm RE loan in this economy.

Remember the words agreemet in principle & commitment......b/c that's all we have right now.

To Senor Paulie.......I visited Frankenstein a few times last fall. I have bene known to buy from him on occasion. What Eye bigh I shall knot dis-clothes but it does involve collectibles. I dont think the re-cycler in question has Cat 350 grapples, nor crushing and screening plants, nor haul trucks, nor excavators to to the task.

I have often looked at that concrete structure and wondered to myself if it could be dismantled piece by peace......just the way they built it back in the late 60's and hauled elsewhere for re-use.

Like how about a parking garage at the airport......for when Masspaort takes over & brings teh airport more commercial flights. Today is April 1st...right??. BTW this is another deal that is on the back burner as the council screws around with the likes of rowdy college kids, PIP's & PIN's, poolz for future ganger bangers, skating rink refrigeration equipment, 3 inch screwdriver ordinances, and the like.

Word verification: CESSN..just needs an (a)

David Z. said...

Jahn said, "ANother small matter in this situation is lending for all new commercial constr.......which in Berkleys case is part I assume UNUM isnt going to occupy 100% of the newly built space. Even the pope would have trouble getting comm RE loan in this economy."

Jahn, not true, UNUM will be occupying 100% of the building at CitySquare.

Jahn said...

David Said: "UNUM will be occupying 100% of....THE...Building at City Sq"

100% of the first phase of building or 100% of all proposed/planned City Sq buildings???????.....

or did you mean to say 100% of "A" building at City Sq. I thot there was also ground floor retial and residential planned at City Sq as well?.....

Some or all of which buildings Berkley will have to obtain comm. real est. financing to erect.

Not sure on the wording here??? Got to watch thsoe words like when Obama says: "Healthcare will not add one dime to the deficit" Technically correct...........It will instead add trillions dollars.....which clearly is not one dime.

David Z. said...


UNUM will occupy 100% of the building that will be constructed for their new Worcester location opposite St. Vincent Hospital at the corner of the new "old" Mercantile Street.

And yes, the overall CitySquare project is being developed as mixed use consisting of retail, housing and office space.

janh said... statement is true ????? ........UNUM will NOT occupy 100% of the building at City Sq. They will occupy 100% of a building at city sq?????