November 14, 2009

Lew E

You know the State Rep from Holden with an "R" after his name. He sent out an e-mail today that, more or less, if Glodis runs for State Auditor he would seriously consider a run at the Sheriff.

Good e-mail and Lew is a good man, I would consider him for my vote and I would not even have to change my address to Worester.


Jahn said...

Bob Nemeth got it right again today (11-15).

Our new mayor is a Mcgovern clone and please do not forget that McGovern gave us Deval.

Lines in the sand already being drawn re: city budgets and nemeth seems to infer that JOB ,just like Levy, Mariano & Murray have no problems overstepping the bounds of their authority as mayor. Look for a possible suit of 10 taxpayers similar to what Levy almost got hit with when he was the 1st elected mayor when Jeff Mulford was Manager.

The legal form of our city political structure is not the problem in Worcester.

It is not unlike an unincorported business converting itself into a corporation. The business (the city) still has all the same issues & problems & players except the CEO is no longer a proprietor, he's now president of the newly formed corp. or whatever title you'd like . Maybe not a perfect analogy....but the shoe almost fits

Look for a huge push for powerful mayor soon as Mike Obriens 5yr contact enters it mid life crisis and moves on to the back nine. Watch your back MOB, as there are no politcal Mulligans and do not let JOB tell you what club(s) to use.

3 firefighters going to Indiana to watch a regular season football game warrants leading local news page coverage or any coverage for that matter? Reminds me of 13 year old junior high school girls vying for attention....geeeeesh....!!!!!

Anonymous said...

should be an interesting race for sheriff this time around, both lew and pedone are good campaigners.

dave mcmahon

T-Traveler said...

hope there is a primary in holden to replace Lew with Kim Ferguson, Bob Amorello, and Mr. Scola battling it out as three proven votegetters!

another pay day for Holly Robichaud the lone republican