November 25, 2009

Royal Institution Property

The Chandler Business Association has asked for a copy of the LDA (Land Disposition Agreement) for the parcel that was sold 4 years ago on November 5th, 2005. We have not received it yet.


Jahn said...

Now I read teh Crowne Plaza cannot pay its mortgage.

I know the econ is in the toilet & the hospitality industry is hurting.

Did someone just pay too much for the property and/or over mortgage it or are things so bad that we cannot support a hotel in Downtown. Spinoff from the North Worc Gateway park?? Where is it?

And whats up with the old St V's hospital site? It was demo'ed in summertime 2007 or 2008. Someone went in there & painted what remains of the old concrete structure a black color evidentally to make it less of an eyesore and then placed webbed fencing on the upper stories. Evideantlly the city can beat up on private dev'ers but not on the likes of Worc Common Grd.

Anyone for 18 holes today with divot digging Bill........word verification: "FORPAR" 19th with Paulie?

Paulie's Point of View said...

I'll have to miss the hanging out at the East Coast Grille in Cambridge later today and then heading over to Sullivan's in Charlestown for a few depressing in WooTown right now...four tires on my van were slashed last night...ready to move and rent all my units to no-lo's and become part of the in-crowd

You know you have hit rock bottom when WormTown Taxi won't post yer blog posts..

Jahn said...

Happy Thangsgiving day my fellow bloggers.

I hope all is well with yews awl and also thoughts go out to those who have to work today and those overseas.

Let's hope Black Friday brings lotsa life to Main St tomorrow.