November 12, 2009

Residency Rules

There is a story in the newspaper today that the Mayor wants to be more lenient on the residency rules. Click here.

I agree with her. In fact I already thought we had been doing this:

  • some politicos vote whereever no matter where they live
  • State Senators live in Boston while representing Worcester
  • city councilors change to voting addresses to their mom's house

On a serious note maybe we should consider letting people who do not live in the City of Worcester serve on boards? The only requirement being that they must be a tax-payer in the City of Worcester.


T-Traveler said...

Mayor Lukes would like to expand representation on the Board of Health to residents of Central Massachusetts instead of limiting it to citizens of Worcester.

Gabe said...

Right there with you Bill.

Jahn said...

Financial Health?

Anonymous said...

Which State Senators live in Boston?

Bill Randell said...

Currently no State Senators do not live in their district. I was referring to a prior State Senator

Jahn said...

You know I was thinking today that now Worc cannot even support a Chevy Dealership. Chevrolet.......the classic All American, common man, Average Joe-mobile.

This is a crying shame and speaks volumes about the citys demographics. It also reminds me that we cannot support a McD's or a Burger King in the central business district.

Instead we have more & more low end used car lots.

I read in the Herald today that Lowell is launching a massive "arts district" initiative with the conversion of an old mill(s) to artists lofts /residences. I will take long haired, pot smoking artists before low income projects any day. I might even buy a piece of their art, too.