November 05, 2009

Worcester's Ground Hog Day

The annual right of fall when the Chamber of Commerce comes out complaining about the dual tax system is fast approaching.


Anonymous said...

im not sure if anyone around here is aware of the Boston COC but it wields incredible clout on many levels in that city. As someone fairly new to the area I can say the COC here is extremely weak. The blog writer made me crack up because I have read the tax opinion piece in the T&G every time they send it in. As an entrepenuer I feel no compelling reason to join. "new to town"

Jahn said...

Does anyone else feel like they just got hit by a miniature Sept 11th?? I sure do.

The firefighters should take any money they put aside for another memorial and send it to the widows, widowers, children, and families at Ft Hood who will really need it.