November 24, 2009

12 Hollis Street


  1. bk 43126 pg 310 deed 130,000
  2. bk 43126 pg 323 bank mortgage 100,100
  3. bk 43126 pg 339 bank mortgage 26,000
  4. bk 43126 pg 348 city of worcester 66,519
  5. bk 43126 pg 353 city of worcester 4,500


Jahn said...

It should also be noted that Main South CDC is a habitual property tax deliquent. They even have property in Tax title for very small amts of chump change. Not big money for sure, but cant an organization that exisits to improve the quality of life in Main South at least be expected to pay their property taxes timely????..............

It's almost as if they are financially strained. I just cannot see delinquent taxes being mere paper snafu's.. a la Executive Office of 'Hood Services .

Bottom line to it all....... the city signs on to home funds disbursemtns (loans from the feds that the city guarantees) for Main South CDC so Main South CDC can eventually make their tax payments (amongst others?). Think about it.........that's what really happens.

Would I be able to do that come this Febr 1st when my next tax installment is due?

And the Selzer Sentinel Bloggers state that the head honcho at 'Hood Services lives in Leicester. The guy is the Worc Hoods Honcho and he lives in leicester!!!!!! steal a phrase..........I couldnt make this stuff up....kind alike Worc teachers touting the greatness of the Worc School system & living in snoooty Holden or in Worc cop infested Paxton.[g] Priceless

Paulie's Point of View said...

I am starting to look at Main South revitilization being nothing but a mere house of cards collapsing..has any real private investment taken place down there..Gilreins, the vietnamese fish market...One Love

totally dependent on fed and state anyone investing down there with their own money?

Canal District has some real private investment, Shrewsbury Street some real private investment..Village of Piedmont real private investment....Main South millions in public money

Anyone who makes it down there gets the hell out....