November 09, 2009

Woo Card

Check out the Woo Card website. I got a flier in the mail today regarding a kick-off event on November 23rd 11:30AM at the Hanover hosted by Jim McGovern.

I have note read the flier and have reviewed the website. Is this card free or does it cost money to earn the discounts through the WooCard. If it does cost money, how much? Actually, I just found it costs $20 bucks to start wooing.

Here are some of the benefits:
  • 50% discount off the Christmas Carol at the Hanover
  • Ecotarium $2 off adult and $1 off children tickets
  • Music Worcester $3 off regular admission
  • Museum of Russian icons-buy one ticket get one free
  • Fruitlands-buy one ticket get one free

Too bad restaurants could not sign up and off a discount if you use the WooCard?


Jahn said...

Is Woo card supposed to mean Worcester card?

Russian Icon Museum is in Clinton.......right???...... opposite Nypro, which the founder of the Rusian Icon museum owns.

Fruitlands I also think is out of town but I cannot recall where.....????........guessing here leominster???

Will Mcgovern be takig question on Healthcare when he show sup at teh Hanover on 11-23.........i hope he gets boo'ed outta the place. He was on Levy tonight..........he claims that has read all 2200 pages of Nobama care bill..of course clueless Levy never asked the obvious follow up questions..........which would be " OK jim so u have read it all so therefore I guess you understadn it all and if so will u be willing take calls now." FWIW Havana Jim took no calls in levys so called call in talk radio program..........both these guys are a joke

Anonymous said...

What?!?!?!? No 50% off Silicone Madness night at Hurricane Betty's ?!