November 14, 2009

Airport Customer e-mails (3)

Hi Bill,

Sorry I took so long but do not think we will use this airport again. It was foggy so we had to be bused to Hartford. From what I hear this happens a lot. The computers were down at the airport also. We also had bought our seats but they said that did not matter it would be open seating. But I must say it sure did seem like a good idea and a very nice airport.

Hi Bill,

I was impressed with the planes, very clean, very spacious and modern. The crew was good too. I just think it is the fact that I can not depend on them if it has rain or fog.

They did give me a $100 credit to fly if I book again within a year because they did change our flight dates also as we were supposed to leave on Thursday and they cancelled Thursday flights.


Anonymous said...

This was the only time since Direct Air has been at the airport that passengers had to be bussed to Hartford. It does not happen a lot as was stated. Also, I just tried to book a flight around Xmas, and it looks like Direct Air has added many flights to the schedule! Great sign!

chinku said...

Ya even i had such an experience as above.