November 10, 2009

Worc Community Healthlink

This is what I am hearing, talked to some of the contractors.. The work be done up there is outside is to expland the parking lot. Inside, however, work is being done on the 5th floor to house PIP customers overnight. Why they need an expanded parking lot is beyond me???

Also work may continue on other floors. 25???


Jahn said...

Zoning many parking spaces per bed(s)??? Are they are subject to zoning parking parameters? I am not sure.

I know you can site an "educational" endeavor anywhere...that's how these 1/2 way houses (technically called group homes) manage to get into residential neighborhoods... but even though they are an allowed use in residence they still have to meet parking requirerments? I think so.............look no further than Salter.

I asked a similar question re: parking requirements on here when Asuumption was holding class at MLK Center last winter.

Wait until Piedmont Paulie gets wind of this....he'll have to hit the dungeon and bench press 300lbs 100x to blow off that frustration.

This is the same way the city handled prostituion years ago....just force it outta one 'hood and then it just shows up a month later a mile away in a different locale. Not unlike squeezing a ballon full of bovine fecal still got the same ++++ to deal with only in a different part of the ballloon.

This why I mentioned in a post teh other day that the local rag made no mention of where these PIP clients are going to be outsourced to for their accomodations.

For this guy who runs this SMOC that took over the reigns of the PIP a few years ago........this is all just big business..........after reading articles about him in the Root Beer Register.......i kinda thought he had a major ' in I'll place my group homes whereever the ++++ i wanna place em.......

Also BTW what is the SOuth Middlesex Opportunity Council doing out in South Worcester County? South Middlesex to me is Framingham south of Rte 135...a.k.a. Framinghams Main South

These PIP people should all be bused to a poor farm out in Prescott, closed...Worcester had one decades ago until they built Great brook valley and then razed the poor farm (small industrial park now).....funny part is the poor farm was right across the street from the present GBV....witness the brook that runs nearby named Poor Farm actually starts up by the jail and runs across right across WCC (Wasp County Club), paassed Clark St School and behind GBV.

Hey BTW speaking of Clark St.......they fixed one side of the imploded salt shed there last week........Worcs honcho's at teh Capital Asset Management Division must be reading this blog ........ huh???....Stimulating the old salt shed???

Sprout said...

Stuff on Lower Pleasant - The NE Dream Center is opening a hair salon? The church at the other end of the block from you with the roll down window grates - is it ever open? And, Richie Cunningham's older brother was Chuck!

jahn said...

Bill would say you cannot make this stuff up. Did anyone hear Mr Palmieri on WTAG this morning (11-11). I tuned in partway into the weekly 1/2 hour chat with Mr Palm. so I didn tcatch all of the topic....but........

The conversation was something about shoveling snow and living in a 3 decker. Mr Palm. claims that when living in a 3 decker tradition has it that the first thing shoveled after a snowfall was all around the foundation to prevent melting snow from coming into the basement. Mr P. claims if he didnt do this he'd catch hell (from Dad?).

And here I am thinking the 1st thing shoveled in any east side 3 decker would be a path to the old clawfoot bathtub Virgin Mary shrine..........and if it's late in the winter then maybe a path to the tomato garden and grapevine patch to make sure they get plenty of poormans fertilizer shoveled onto them a.k.a. water from late season snowfalls

I assume I tuned in too late to catch the begiining of the chat which must have dealt with moving in with his Madre' and maybe she lives in a 3 decker....maybe Polito jokingly asked Mr P. about shoveling the snow while living in his new digs?