November 30, 2009

Boston Globe Sunday Editorial

"Housing Policies leave cities behind"
You would almost think it was written by Jahn or me, click here. You got to read this!!!


Anonymous said...

...and this line in particular, "the “Gateway Cities that drive growth in regions outside of Greater Boston are struggling to connect to the new knowledge economy." ...could have been written by me, Paulie or Louie DePalma from Taxi; no, not Wormy Jeff but THE Louie from Taxi!

Harry T

Bill Randell said...

Harry T:

I am sorry--you are right. How does the City of Worcester respond:

1) Piedmont Street project
2) City Builders
3) Mason Street
4) 95 Grand Street
5) Chevalier
6) Old Voke School

Anonymous said...


Half way through the article I had to check the byline, I thought for sure I was going to see your name!

Eric K

Paulie's Point of View said...


it is a story that could have been written by anyone who is a resident, business owner or investor within the WooTown urban core.....

Social Service has become an sense teaching a man how to fish when it can be done for them and at a high price!

Jahn said...

Todays Orangeade Oracle (12-1) says Coupe Deval is commiiting $150M more to affordable housing. I cant recall if the state is getting it from borrowoing or if they lending or giving it to the Low Income Housing industry in Mass.

I have to wonder if ther is a Standard Industry Classification ( SIC) for low income housing, but if there is knot, there s/b.

Kudos to Mike O'Brien for foregoing his contractual pay raise for the 2nd year in a row. This is a man who talks the talk & walks the walk. City council should do similarly and no scholl committe or council members s/b getting health ins. on the city's dime.

Where can one obtian an $18,000 job as either a city councilor or a teacher's aid and obtain a family cadillac type health ins. plan that ends up costing the employer $12,000 to $14,000 per year. Can you say worcester. And darn if the teachers aide doesnt only work 185 days per yr to boot and the coucilors get at least 10-12 weeks per year off. 7 summertime weeks plus christmas week plus new years week, plus electios week, plus any Tuesday Haul-A - Daize, etc etc.

And........ now some of the dumbed down electorate in Worc are going to think their real est. taxes will be going down b/c their valuations have slashed.....