November 05, 2009


7:00AM Holden

Last night I go to bed with the Yankees leading game 6th in the 8th inning. Today I pick up newspaper and go right to the sports section and see a listing for Game 7 and time, Think to myself somehow the Phillies must have won only to see a subtitle under the picture with a score from the 6th inning.

For all my fellow bloggers, there will be no Game 7. The Yankees won last night 7-3 and are the World Series Champs of 2009. Maybe tomorrow the Worcester Telegram will have that on the front page of the sports section.

8:00AM Worcester

Just got to work and the newspaper had the Yankees winning the World Series.. Must have been the Holden edition.


David Z. said...


I bought my newspaper in the city this morning and as you noted, it correctly reported a Yankees World Series win.

It was my understanding that the T&G no longer had zoned editions. One edition for everyone. Speaking of the T&G, this week’s Holden..I mean Worcester Magazine’s cover story will feature the story about the possible sale of the paper to local ownership.

I would love to see it move back into local hands. If not, IMHO the New York Times plans to close the paper. Any present customers will then get the Boston Globe home delivered with a local Worcester section inserted inside.

jahn said...

Hey Bill, so much for the Philly Game Plan ....just kidding [g]

Has anyone ever thought of starting a nationwide (or is it state wide) agenda to remove the property tax exemption that non profits enjoy. I think it's is fed'l law that grants this exemption?

I mean hospitals, colleges the Amer Cancer Society, and the like are really huge businesses. If you're 47 years old and worked for the Amer Cancer Society for say 22 you really want to see cancer cured anytime in the next 15 or so years? Not trying to single out AMer Cancer Society.....but you get the idea

How would you feel if you were the Worc Med. Center that has to pay property taxes vs. most other hospitals that pay no property taxes.

SO..........JOB is now also the 1st defacto district councilor of Main South? However, I do have to admire him for living where he does. Does he have kids? Would add'l kids possibly requuire a new, larger house? Comprende'?

IMO MOB was a wise man to lock in a 5 yr contract a few years ago.

Bill Randell said...


I don't get it either but my newspaper in Holden did not say anything about the World Series winner.

On the other hand, the Worcester paper did.