November 26, 2009

Hadley Apartments

The Hadley project is suppose to have condos coming, but more importantly where is the parking lot/garage? The tenants in the apartment building and the new condos are suppose to have off street parking.

Does anyone know the status of this facet of the project?


tim macdonald said...

Did anybody see the Directair at ORH topic on Some nice pictures of Directairs planes with there new livery.

Sprout said...

I noticed recently that the BONE restaurant sign in the window was no longer there. Don't know if that has any significance...

Gabe said...

If I remember right, the condos are supposed to be at the corner of Beacon and Madison, and built on top of a parking garage, that I am assuming has enough parking for the entire development. Remember that even right now there are two vacant lots, corner of Madison and Beacon, and corner of Main and Ionic.

They own the entire block.

Bill Randell said...


They are not moving onto the Hadley. In fact they just took over mgmt of the old Tweeds in Northboro.

Gabe, it just appears to me that the Hadley is stuck right now and I am concerned that any of the off street parking and condos are going to be done.

My bet is the condos are done and we would be lucky just to get off street parking for the apartments


Gabe said...

Tweed's is the "Celtic Tavern" just changed names. Went inside of this supposed "Celtic" establishment on Sunday and found that An Cu Liath in Kelley Sq still has the best single malt selection in Worcester County.

Who calls a place the "Celtic Tavern" and then has a crap single malt selection?

Oh by the way Bill, the building on Pleasant looks good with the lights around the top. That's your building right?