November 26, 2009

Neighborhood Stabilization Monies

For the hell of it I went on line to see how our Neighborhood Stabilization funds have been doled out. Looking up Neighborhood Stabilization Loan Fund on line, I have found 3 mortgages (grants):

  1. 10/1/9 Main South CDC $1,700,000 for 189 Beacon Street
  2. 9/21/9 Main South CDC $1,700,000 for 20 Charlton Street
  3. 9/6/9 Worcester Stabilization LLC (David Zisskind) $700,000 140 Eastern Ave

If I am reading this right Main South CDC has received 2 of 3 loans (which are really grants)granted for Neighborhood Stabilization to the tune of $3,400,000. I was told just the opposite that these Neighborhood Stabilization monies were suppose to be funneded to private property owners not just the CDS's.

In addition the Worcester City Economic Development

  1. 9/25/9 Main South CDC $400,000 for 93 Grand Street and 58 Gardner . Not to mention most of their NRSA monies went to this project also.

Over the last two months it looks $3,800,000 has gone to Main South CDC. What credit crisis? Ironically the Chandler Business Association, who has done ever thing that we were suppose to do regarding our NRSA, can get no monies for Year 3 funding when we have nearly $300,000 representing some 25 projects lined up.

A member send me a message today. Maybe we should call ourselves the Chandler Street CDC and we would get whatever we want? Starting to think he is right. Just another example of the unfair playing ground between the developers of low to mod income housing and the private developer in the City of Worcester.


signman said...

why isn't the T & G or Worcester Mag writing about this? Yes we should change our name to Chandler Business Association CDC...

Paulie's Point of View said...

what we need to do is to continue what we have been doing and show the rest of this city as are others are also showing that the urban core of this city can be turned around and that those in the urban core can lead the way..right now there are just to many with little investment in the urban core running the show and it is as simle as that.

we are gonna win some and lose some..

Wild Will Randell makes an incredible point about the amount of stabilization funds going to Main South CDC and the inability of the Chandler Street Business Association to access more NRSA funds.....

Jahn said...

1st have to ask, what exactly does the term stabilization mean and specifically as it relates to inner city 'hoods and gubmint money? 44 front is completley de-stabilzed and they are the ones who are going stabilze Main South.....priceless...!!!!

2nd'ly, My position would be that more low income housing does ANYHTING BUT STABILAZE an inner city 'hood. I mean for gods sake, WGC at May & Silver Sts is recruiting low income housing applicants from Boston.

3rd'ly we need an exit strategy once so called stablity is achieved and stablity s/b defined with clear parameters. Every war zone should have exit stategies....right??.

OK now Mt St James. Holy Gross offical(s) say once they are able to raze their Caro St houses (and acquire others to be razed?) that they will be able to link the Caro st area to the old Hojo's Hotel site on S'bridge St and that this might then interest developers.

RIGHT!!!!! what they are not saying is that the dev'er(s) would in fact he Holy Gross. Please, The truth , the whole truth ,and nuttin' but the truth so help me Rev Mcfarlane....!!!!! Is telling less than the whole truth a venial sin and should HC officials get on their collective knees at 400pm confession tomorrow,(Saturday 11-28)& beg for forgiveness

Under recently enacted city law, will HC still have to pay RE taxes on the value of the remaining land? Didnt the gang of 11 pass such a law awhile back? I assume this law will stand up to constitutional muster? The coucil would never pass an illegal law right. Ya right...!!!! Strip clubs siting, vendor push carts, and no more than 3 unrelated college beer drinkiers to a dwelling unit are , IMO all laws that will not and/or have not stood up to a judicial review. Also this law about how the diff sides of newly erected fences have to be placed will also not stand up. You cannot use a zoning ordinance to control design/architectural featues which is what theis foolish fence law does. I shall place whatever side of the fence I want facing my property or my neighbors property.

HC will eventually dev. that entire hillside site. It will give their campus the nexus & visibilty it really needs to I-290 so all teh Roads Scholars driving by on 290 will better able to observe HC's perch high atop Mt St James. So much for Catholic humbleness.

Lastly look for hC to ask city council to hand over Caro St to them and council will put on a dog & pony show and then hand it over gratis in "exchange" for past and hopefully future use of the Tornados Hand It Over Base Ball Field. What's good for WPI (part of West St) is good for HC (all of Caro St).

Earlier today I had a the form of a soon to enacted recyclables pick up fee....probably added to q'ly tax bills...I have to wonder how much fuel, oil, rubber, etc we waste sending a 2nd group of 10 wheeled trucks around the city on trash days just to pick up recylables?

Query, why do city trash trucks have 2 men on them and privately run re-cycle haulers only have one man to a it takes the recylcer longer per stop to do his pickups than it does for a city trash haulers to toss the yellow bags into the city truck. City truck is all Dunne at 1130an (except day[s] after Xams) and private haulers are still out here at 400 -430 pm.

janh said...

Alos Bill, the threat of a lawsuit re: these funds will quickly move these 44 Front Bureaucrats over the gluteous maximi.

The way bids are awarded and money is handed out over there is loaded with favoritism and askewed against the "non Players"

Jahn said...

I have to ownder if MaiN south CDC is req'd to be compltely aid up on all their tax & water obligation before they receive all these funds.

If they are not so required maybe the City council can make it a condition.........i mean how much is it to ask that u at least pay your obligations to city on a timely basis as part of so called neighborhood stabilazation?

Jahn said...

The $3.8M could be used by Main South CDC to move and re-hab the 9 three deckers that HC is going raze in the coming months.

$3.8M would do about 6 of the 9 three deckers as it is rumored Main South CDC spent $600,000 per three decker for the four they moved in 2001.

Problem is Barabra H. doesnt want anymore rental competition in the area. It may adversely affect Mr Z's gov't funded Main South real estate operations.

I 290 overpass bridges at College Sq may be in the way of such a move but Congressman have been know to have interstate highways shut down for such projects whilst the moving project crosses the interstate. We all know Havana Jim Mcgovern can do anything when it comes low income housing, getting arrested in the name of justice in Dafur, breaking bread with Fidel Castro, taking trips to El Salvador to solve 1989 murder cases, and the like.

Dare I ask where our so called Green City council is re: crushing up 9 three deckers into toothpick sized pieces to be buried in Mother Earth. How many trees does it take to make a 3 decker? Dittos for the tree huggers at HC.

Meanwhile the frauds a HC are using taxpayer money to study the feasibilty of windpower turbines on college hill b/c HC wants to green. Gimme a break...!!! Talk about hypocracy and being 2 faced

Jahn said...

I also meant to add that HC can contribute the $25,000 per 3 decker that it costs to raze them to the moving project.

Will HC be entitled to a $1320 per bedroom unit refund from the DPW for every bedroom they disconnect from the sewer system as well as $1,000 for each water hookup they disconnect? IN theory should there be a sewer disconnect payment from City to owner? I'd be curious to see what, if anything, HC pays in sewer hook up fees for these new dorms they built recently? Maybe they pay only 1/2 the fee b/c students are really only there about 1/2 of a calendar year...OR............maybe they pay double the fee b/c of the disproportionately large amt. of Budweiser induced inflow the students introduce into Worc's sewer system when they are living in the dorms?

jpm01609 said...

Add me to the list of those interested int he happenings of the CDCs, where the REAL money is going on the "Neighborhood Stabilization" program --both asa a local taxpayer and as a national one

Unknown said...

Like everything else you write Bill, your information is completely wrong. The usual misinformation, lacking any factual basis and completely self serving. Try doing some research if you want to be public, although I am not sure if Paxton has a library.