November 09, 2009

Jahn was right

Months ago Jahn said that he heard Diamond Chevrolet was moving. Another blogger heard the ad and I heard it today. Diamond Chevrolet is off to Auburn.


Jahn said...

Sad part is what will become of the site?

Wally World sure inst going there.

Stop & Shop ......Maybe.....i was told that a few times...but I suspect the city has now reached the new supermarket satuaration point in the last 12 years. Possibly the CVS/Walgreen saturation point too. However like Jello......there's Always room for another Chinese take out, nail saloon, or 1/2 way house

Jahn said...

Bill, to be frank it wasnt really anything that I had "heard on the strret" as it were.

I think for the last year or so Duddie has been using the Rte 20 Auburn address for advertising and that's what brought it to my attention..and then at that point i heard the Wally World and Stop & Shop rumor.

I wonder how perosonal prorperty tax revenue the city will lose once he departs the Park Ave Site

Wonder who will approach him first.....Main South CDC or Worc. Common groundsor maybe we'll have a new Columbus Park CDC formed.

How's that Canal District CDC Working out for Worc & the Canal District. I Heard about alleged money issues there awhile back.....