November 16, 2009

Pats Game

How did that happen???

We can go back and forth, but if Maroney does not full the ball at the goal lie the pats win. Do you remember Antwone Smith? Give me Larry Johnson. Now that Taylor and Morris are hurt, we need a solid running back.


Jahn said...

We also need a solid running in Congress for us.

We now have one Jim McGovern who comes home for summer August break, hosts one town hall meeting on health care bill and then makes an excuse to fly overseas to Asia somewhere b/c he canot take the heat on health care bill. He actually looks down on his constituents who would dare raise a raucus about healthcare

Now instead of hosting more town hall meetings on healthcare he is is off to El Salvador for the millionth time to find justice for Jesuit preists who were murdered in 1989. Hey, I am sure this was a tragic event and an emotional one for Jim as 3 of these Jesuits were his friends (or so he says).
Frankly I doint trust the guy.

Should Mr MGovern be in the district holding healthcare meetings and explanations or in El Salvador for whatever alleged reason. This man is a fraud.

This man has to go. He can keep his $7.5M Canal District funding. The Carpenters and laborers and teamsters and cement finishers send their thanks.

Paul Shea said...

I understand your point on Maroney, he's not living up to the first round draft pick that we spend on him. But this game would have been won regardless of his fumble if Belichick didn't go for it on 4th and 2 from their own 30. This was a poor decision in my book, i know he was going for the win but a win seemed much more likely if we had kicked to them with 2 minutes left. Also, the team blew their timeouts which ruined their ability to challenge Faulk's catch. Not sure if Faulk made the first or not but it was close. All in all it was a terrible result.

Bill Randell said...


I agree with the 4th down call and the time outs.

My point is the Pats had the ball a 13 point lead and four and half minutes on the clock. All they needed was a couple of first downs running the ball. Can you say Corey Dillon or Smith?

Instead the pats got 1st down and punted. Then the last time they got the ball, they just punted. Only one first down the last two possessions.

You need a running game and losing Taylor/Morris hurts. Not that one game last night, but if the Pats want to go deep into the playoffs they need a running back and Larry Johnson is available.


David Z. said...

Larry Johnson would be a "cancer" on this team. Why would you want to bring in a player that would possibly disrupt the locker room especially this late in the season?

On an aside, I know Patriot nation is reeling this morning but isn't there more important things to discuss? Like real news? LOL

Bill Randell said...


Other previously disagnosed cancers

1) Randy Moss
2) Bryan Cox
3) Corey Dillon


Jahn said...

Folks, get over it. All managers and all of us in all walks of life make a few bad calls.......even me..!!!!!!!

Word verification "Vicks".

Bill Randell said...


I understand Bill's going for it and am o'kay with it. Just see the Pats glaring weakness is not running game. The only runs they have are hand offs out of the shot gun to Faulk or screen passes.

Looking at the rest of the season and the play-offs, they need an established back. When is Taylor or Morris coming back?

If they are out for the season the Pats need a back. Whether it be Johnson or someone else? Maroney just can not be relied on.


Gabe said...

Maroney isn't a number one back and that's all there is to it. However, depending on how close Faulk may or may not be to retirement he would slide in nicely as Faulk's replacement when he does.

I think the Johnson option might be an interesting one to explore.

Would have been nice at the beginning of the season if they just did Cassel/Johnson straight up.

Paul Shea said...

The fact that they did not put Morris or Taylor on Injured Reserve indicates that they expect to get them back before the end of the season. If you bring LJ you need to release someone, and I don't think the Patriots want to do that knowing that Morris and Taylor will be back shortly. Then you'd have 6 RB's (Johnson, Morris, Taylor, Maroney, Faulk, Green-Ellis) on your roster and that wouldn't make sense either.

I don't know if the running game is all that much of a problem, they did manage 110 rushing yards on 25 carries (excluding carries by Brady). That's an averagte of 4.4 a carry which I think any team would take.

Jahn said...

sORRY, BUT LAST TIME i TOOK A real LOOK AT a football game was when refrigerator Perry was ruling the grid iron and his baseball counter part Moe Vaugh was at 1st base........

So................whats with all the women football fans the last 15 -20 years or so.........I say it's got more to do with baudy parts and less to do with fottball......what say all u guy football fans??

Bill Randell said...


Most of the runs were out of the shot gun, where Brady does a delayed hand off.

There always comes a point in a game where you need a conventional qb takes the snap and hands the ball off. Right now the Pats don't have it.

Actually thought Morris/Taylor were out for the year? Lets hope they are back soon.


Paul Shea said...


I did some research and according to Yahoo Sports, Sammy Morris returned to practice last Friday and he was listed as questionable for the game against the Colts. Just prior to the game they downgraded him to Doubtful. But the fact that he practiced Friday is a good sign he'll return soon and will help the running game. There wasn't much news on Taylor, it just said he's out indefinitely but is expected back before the end of the season.