November 07, 2009


In Nick K column before election he mentioned how Frank Raffa has started a write in campaign against Phil Palmieri. The reason being if Phil were to run for Pedone's seat and win, then Frank would be the next district councilor as the runner up.

What caught my eye was when Nick wrote Mr. Palmieri recently changed his voter registration address to 247 Shrewsbury St., which is where his mother lives, where he grew up and in Mr. Pedone’s legislative district. Mr. Palmieri’s previous voting address at 28 Buckingham St. is outside Mr. Pedone’s district and is instead represented by state Rep. James O’Day, D-West Boylston, whom Phil ran against and lost.

Say that again? You can just change you voter registration to your mom's address. Does this mean I can just change to my mom's address too and vote in the City of Worcester elections? Maybe I can do that and run for City Council.

Guess if we allow a person to be our State Senator for four years, who lived in Boston but declared his mom's address as residency, nothing should surprise us.


Jahn said...

Wormie will have to keep a close eye on Mom's Sidewalks this winter. See if Mr Phil is shovleing them 4 ft wide.

Maybe someone shoud figur eout what kinda caah Dr Phil drives and see where it parked every night.

Poss. Solution to thsi kinda problem.............require that one have lived in the district at least a certian minumum amt. of time??..1 year..2 years......????

Maybe Worc's pinkie ring union honcho's should check and see if Phil cals his insurance company and registers his change of adress with RMV and Geico?

Bill check me on this, but dont certain zip codes w/in Worc have differing rates for Theft and vandalism b/c , for example, over in the village of Paulie's Piedmont Village one maybe much more likely to have such an incident with their caaaah..........vs on Paul Revere drive?.or Buckingham Dr (is it??).

Hey I wonder if Dr Phil has a vactioon home down on the Irish Riviera???

I once found out you cant get car excise tax records from the city.....i was trracking down a dead beat owed me soem dinero......b4 the advent of the internet.....women clerk said they wouldnt realese excise tax records so I could track them down and have sheriff serve them grrrrrr......implied i could have been a stalker........ :(

Gabe said...

Yeah I caught that too,


With a capital S

Jahn said...

Query.....what will take longer........begin the closing of the PIP shelter which has been under consideration since 2003 (6 yrs now)......or..........begin the razing of Worc Center which was supposed to happen in March of 2006 (almost 4 yrs now)

The folks who run the PIP and the City are both lucky that place has not turned into another Coconut Groove or Station Nightclub..........always way in excess of capacity all winter

So now.... put yourself in the shoes of some one who lives on a dirt, private road ...OR...Lives on a street with a carpet bombed, 45 year old paved surface and who has been trying to get it paved for 15 years and today picks up the Ginger Ale Gazette (11-9) only to read that the Canal District is getting $7.5M in fed'l funding for among other things new brick sidewalks..........not just asphlat sidewalks or concrete sidewalks.......but brick...teh most expensive way to construct sidewalks (short of making them outta gold). Time to march on East Worc St with pitchforks...?? Bill, new signage did sign on Pleasant St work about that Wayfarer Program?

Hey how's that Blackstone Valley Visitors Center coming know .....the one that isnt even in the proposed Canal District and was possibly sited on a landlocked site???

Should Havana Jim be fired?

Could we please have:

a. a CANAL before we start building a Canal district or

b. an access road and/or an airport with significant commercial air service before we build a new terminal or

c. ice making equipment in place before we build a skating rink or

d. new neighborhood halfway house sites named before we start emptying the PIP or

e. a definite need for new parking garages before we buld any new ones.


chris said...

I think you should change to your Mom's address and run.

Jahn said...

Mom is in D-4 district and I'd have to pull a Fresolo and get locked in........ in order to move in with I doubt there is Cable service there either.......

Hey maybe I could hack into someone's wireless service in the Canterbury/Cambridge St area [g]

Anonymous said...

heard this on levy, worst of all, he switched his voting address PRIOR to the election, meaning his official address was in D4 when he was voted in as councilor in D2. That doesn;t sound legal.