November 19, 2009

CitySquare Financing

The rumor mill is cranking today. Remember how financing was with, I believe, Starwood. New financing now–believe it or not- Hanover Insurance Co.

On the reliability meter I give it a 8.5 out of 10


Jahn said...

Hanover, Mass.

Hanover Insurance

Hanover Theatre

Hanover Field

Hanover Centre/Square?

Just Hand it Over......

Jahn said...

So lately I have been looking for a new dog........maybe. My "Buddy" moved on to the happy hunting grounds last May. Been kinda hard finding a new canine pal. (Paulie, if you ever need a babysitter for Buddy, I am available. They say I treat dogs better than humans!. I am sure Bill will vouch for me, maybe he;ll even post a perforamnce bond for my dogsitting skillz [g])

So I scope out the Animal Rescue league website from time to time.

Lately the site has had many, many dogs available......maybe twice what they usually have and darn it.......if the available dogs dont reflect Worc's demographics!!!!! I'd say for the last couple months about 1/3 to 1/2 of the dogs available are Pitbulls or what they call Amer. Staffordshire terriers that look just like pit bulls..and of course the one wants them......WARL keeps dropping their adoption price........and still no one bites for them...kinda sad but what can ya do??? They have maybe 25+ dogs available now. Usually it's more like 1/2 that amt.

One factoid I have become aware of is that the WARL takes in many strays from Puerto Rico and the dogs are referred to as SATO's......which I have been told means stray in Spanish. Am I straying off topic here?


Anonymous said...

If it is Hanover, does this mean that they may be interested in moving some functions downtown in addition to financing the deal?

Harry T

JSF said...

Looks like the Mayo Group is building downtown. Read More.

Does the Mayo Group build low-income, taxpayer-funded housing?

Jahn said...

Boston gets it.....i read in teh herald today ( 11-20) that teh Boston Common frog pond has skaters on in it's frozen already.......

Deval doesnt get it.......I also read in the Herald today that Deval met recently with the Mass Retailers Ass'n or some such organization.....for what to apologize for teh 6.25% sales tax? Beside that article was a piece about a possible sales tax holiday in 2010. Priceless.

Jahn said...

FWIW. I was told that old Bancroft building was a parking garage eons ago....which is plausible if you ever looked at it's construction. it appears to be built with thick concrete decking and huge supports on the 1st level.

I used collect unemployment in that same building back in the early 70's when the unemployment rate was about it is today. Got $74 a week and lived large