December 25, 2010

Nicole-Merry Xmas

Nicole has made my day.   She found this story in the Boston Globe today about Pharmasphere. For any who reads this blog, this is a must read!!!    Honestly this one is really incredible. I wonder how many employees Pharmasphere claimed in their bid?

I could not disagree more with Julie Jacobson's quote “The bottom line with any of these projects is nothing ventured, nothing gained,’’ when we had another bid from an abutting company for $50,000 against Pharmasphere's $1 bid.    We should have awarded this parcel to the $50,000 bidder and found another parcel in the South Worcester Industrial Park or somewhere else for Pharmasphere.

Can I ask Nick K again to find out who is paying the interest on the 2,600,000 million dollars of HUD loans that the City of Worcester guaranteed for Pharamasphere and I believe the City of Worcester received last year. This story really is amazing..    Wonder if this is enough for the City to stop giving Pharmaspere more time (3 years to date) and they actually rebid the parcel.

Lets hope this story leads to the City of Worcester reviewing all city owner parcels of land that were dispersed via the RFP process the 5 years, in particular Mason Street.    What the hell maybe we can find out who is paying for all the sewer work on May and Main Street while we are at it?

Merry X-mas


Jahn said...

This Pharmasphere tale is ,as many have said, something that you couldnt even make up.

I still strongly conjecture this co has major politcal juice in both Mass & RI. Onehas to wonder who the politicians(s), lobbyists(s) and/or govt' official(s) are that Pharam is tied into

G.R. should make sure the city shovels the sidewalks at the Pharam site in Worc. no later than Tuesday evening.

Jahn said...

So.............I just finished some shoveling....more to do later.......and i am thinking to myself that Gary Rosen in last weeks WOMAG raised an excellent point about the city being exempt from their own shoveling ordinance that us peons are all beholden to.

This begs the question if Gary would petition teh CC to amend the ord. such that teh city has to clear their siewalks w/in 8 hrs of the end of a snow storm.

Additionally, I think the 8 hour window s/b extended to 24 hours.


signman said...

Their exempt form their own sign ordinance as well....

Barack said...

Hey Signman......Felice Navidad and happy NY back at you.

So earlier this Morning I am on Gold Staaaah Blvd. waiting out the lights at Harr Jeep/Toyota (no more Harr Ford?) in my 427 cubic inch GT Mustang Cobra looking for some fool to try and challenge all my Horse power (and testosterone) to a 1/4 mile run...........and looking ahead I see a HUUUUMONGUS American flag..........i mean thsi thing blocks the view of 1/2 the horizon and I think to myself........ahhhh haaaaaaaaa...........I wonder if that huge flag has any zoning restrictions on it's size...i mean this sucker is bigger than the side of a barn...........i would speculate that is doesnt meet the definition of a sign....then I wonder to myself if said on it: "God Bless America's 57 States"........would it then be deemed a sign?