March 29, 2012

103 & 104 Armory Street and 3 Burns Court

Site plan meeting Wednesday April 11th to review South Worcester Neighborhood Improvement Corp plan to build 3 buildings with 10 units and 20 parking spots.  

We have foreclosed empty multi-families all around Main South and SWNIC is building new construction.    It is not about what the neighborhood needs, but it is all about the monies-development fees etc.    It never ends.   

It does not say in the public notice but I am guessing all ten units will be affordable.    


Jahn said...

What did we spend per unit the City Builders( Phase 1 Site) site??

Also estimate of total sq footage?

Also what are the "low Income" rents per 2, 4, or 4 BR units


Jahn said...

Next up...Low income housing project????.... Odd Fellows Home????'s about time Uppah Burncoat and Green$$dale paid their low income housing dues.

Look for a future spike in shoplifting and the subsequent closing of Green$$dale Mall???

I did notice this morning that Paul Revere Dr. (Westwoods Hills/ Salisbury area) seems to the earliest or one of the earliest recipients of city springtime street sweeping services. Money talks. Maybe they'll make it out as far as Whisper Dr before the day is over?

Foxwoods, Mohegan, & Twin River are all in financial hot water, the casino market is more than saturated and Deval Come Lately has authorized the building of 3 or 4 casinos in Mass, one of which (the Indians one?) is already in court for alleged irregularities before the bidding even begins. Wonder what the state expects for bids on these casino licenses and what they will actually receive.

Please Send $100,000 per year to the Worc Airport reservation so Jahn can stay warm, housed, fed, stoned, tatto'ed, and 1/2 cocked. TY.

Shall we build a larger Worc Airport terminal and see if that helps us out?