March 17, 2012

Allegiant ORH-PIE

PIE=St Pete's

St Petersburg-Clearwater
  • Allegiant already flies there from many destinations to PIE
  • Allegiant loves secondary airports like ORH
Vision Airlines is not the answer.  They are one step above Direct Air and would be another mistake.    Allegiant is legitimate airline, public traded and wildly successful serving the secondary markets like ORH.      More importantly they are great businessmen.  Show them the number Direct Air was putting up and throw some low fees their way and they would come back.    


    Anonymous said...

    Bill you're talkin' dirty!!!! C'mon Massport...step up and make this happen!!!!!

    Harry T

    jahn said...

    There s/b treble due diligence on ANY ideas that CC Germaine come sup with