March 17, 2012


Here are some ideas:

  1. Linear Air at Hancom Field is a great airline with VLJ's.  We should try to get them to put a plane at ORH.
  2. Beg Allegiant Air to come back
  3. JetBlue--tell them we will name ORH JEtBlue airport.   We start with one flight per day to a differnet destination in Florida each day of the week alternating between the Gulf and Atlantic Coast.     ORH--your aiprort to Florida.   Tel JetBlue they can charge extra for tickets over Boston to cover any additional costs.  People will pay extra for the convenience.


gary rosen said...


City Councilor Mike Germain has placed the following order on next Tuesday's Council agenda:

Request City Manager request MassPort convene an emergency meeting for the specific purpose of entering into an agreement with Vision Air to operate flights between Worcester and Myrtle Beach, SC and Sanford, West Palm Beach and Punta Gorda, FL that have been abandoned by DirectAir, said service has been arranged with airport officials in Springfield, IL. (Germain)

Evidently Vision Air, which leased planes to DirectAir, took over DirectAir's Illinois routes.

Gary Rosen

Nick said...
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Nick said...

I think that JetBlue should have feeder to JFK twice daily and weekend flights to Orlando Intl. Another good option would be Delta coming and having feeder to Detroit and Atlanta. One mistake Direct Air made (excluding all the others)was having late day flights, the flights out of ORH should be from 7-10 AM departures, the flights inbound to ORH should arrive around 7-9 PM. Possibly other departures after airlines see all of the passengers coming. Low prices would also be key.

Bill Randell said...


I agree. I see no reason why two of the BOSTON-NEW YORK shuttles of which there I believe ten could be moved to ORH?

Short of that I was thinking once flight per day to Florida. Maybe if we could establish that the NYC shuttle would be next.


Jahn said...

If I can believe an article that I read, Peoples Express is making a come back and has been looking for a New England hub. Why go to the 4 primary NE airports and compete w/Southwest and others when "central New England" is on their collective knees begging for commercial air service.

How did Mr Germaine get an item re DA on next Tuesday's CC agenda so fast? Please anyone but Mr Germaine s/b leading the charge for the airport.

And for all the politicians and others who are jumping all over DA's bankruptcy here's an intersting fact. The city of Worcester is SOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH more upside down in its finances than DA is (was) that it aint even funny.......yet all outrage about finances is aimed at DA. Typical penny wise and pound foolish

Gary...Eye'll be Q'ed in two-morrow knight fore an ansaaaaaah. Please make it good or I'll click ya away in favor of Swampers, Pawn Stars, Amer Pickers, Axe men, or Huchabee :)

Tank ewe.

Nick said...

I also agree with you that service to the Gulf coast like SRQ or RSW to repalce Punta Gorda, and Palm Beach to replace the Direct Air route on ORH would be important, but this would most likely come after considerable success. Also, what would it take to add one/two jetways if JetBlue or others grew too big for just two, since they already have two extra capable?

Signman said...

Jet blue our best bet.. How about hoppers from here to Boston daily

Bill Randell said...

Cape Air does code sharing with JetBlue and feeds from Hyannis, Ptown, Vineyard and Nantucket

Makes no sense we do not even have that

Anonymous said...

im surprised the there is no seasonal flights from cape cod air to go to the cape and the islands. its not like orh has to compete with boston, manchester or providence to be succesful. 107,000people flew out of worcester last year with direct air to their destinations on a part-time schedule, not bad. with two or three airlines i dont see why that number cant hit 250,000. whats the regulations about flights to canada?

Anonymous said...

I think the city needs to remain clear of the airport. It is their historical pattern of failed management that made orh a ghost town in the first place. The thought of attracting other airlines to orh sounds good but it would have been done by now. I dont know what an airport with such a bad rep can produce for business. The only bright side to this is at least the former "airport liaison" won't be so surprised that he can't bully the counter staff for his free upgrade.


Nick said...

If JetBlue did come to ORH would they bring their own crew (ramp workers, counter staff) which I assume. They would also bring the equipment necessary (deicing, pushback tug) correct?

I don't think that people would fly tiny little planes on Cape Air 40 miles to Boston, people would just drive to BOS, PVD, BDL, or MHT.

I don't really think that there is any way there would be Canadian service, possibly far down the road, but that just doesn't make sense.

jose said...

it would make sense for people to fly little planes on cape cod air to the cape and the islands, not to boston. how many hours is it to drive to provincetown or hyannis from worcester? i bet canadian flights to montreal and toronto would be popular, especially for sports (nhl, mlb, mls), plus those are popular tourist destinations. i do understand that is really overthinking it, but it costs over $600 to fly to montreal or toronto on aircanada, again just brainstorming. i understand 80% of the directair flights were full, people obviously like going to those destinations, i would like to see orh be used for more regional destinations.

jose said...

way too many taxes and fees to fly to canada, just checked on porters website. i didnt realize cape cod air's fleet only holds 9 people per plane. that doesnt leave much more for low cost airline carriers. how about spirit airlines? or frontier airlines?