March 22, 2012

Public Charter Regulation Changes

Here is what need to change
  1. Do not let Public charters sell anything that does not go right into escrow accounts to protect the buying public.  No memberships, no vouchers or whatever else they can create.   Any monies received from the public need to go into escrow .
  2. An outside company need to audit the escrow account at least quarterly.  It looks like by looking at Steve's blog there is already a 1.5 million dollar descrepency
  3. Amount of the bond should be in direct relationship to the number of tickets they sell per month.   have a bond of $200,000 was a complete joke.
Amazingly this is not the first time this has happened--Ellisons and Sovereign World Travel!!  Hopefully changes are made to prevent this from happening again. 


Anonymous said...

A 737 with XTRA Airways markings
landed at ORH at 5:43 pm today. Nothing showing on flight aware ???????


Nick said...

A Sun Country 737-800 is scheduled to land at 8:54pm... Two 737s in one day what is up?

Bill Randell said...

NCAA hockey tournament?

Nick said...

Bill, you're right they are in the D1 NCAA Hockey tournament and play at the DCU Center soon. Wonder if they parked at the terminal?

Steve Foley said...

Bill, I don't think the Ellisons or Sovereign World Travel were public charters subject to these regulations. From the case, it appears they were a travel agency dealing with scheduled airlines.

Jahn said...

So I guess that once this entire debacle is undressed it's just another travel agency scam?

What do the Worc Airport and the post office have in common.

1 Shoulda been closed years ago

2. Politics rules the business

3. Employees way overpaid.

4. Employees dont do enough work.

5. Excess/idle production capacity

6. McGovern has(had) kept em afloat

7. Overreaching federalism.

8. Regional monopolies.

9. Highly fuel price sensitive.

Steve Foley said...


I was going to post that your suggestion of more oversight of the escrow accounts was premature.

I guess I would have been wrong.

Escrow Account only has $1 Million.