March 15, 2012

City Top Housing put on leave with pay

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Steve Foley said...

There is a whole lot more to this story.

David Z. said...

I really hope with the noise that CC Konnie Lukes is making over the affordable housing “industry” in Worcester and now this, that we have seen the beginning of the end of low income housing in the city.

Worcester is already well over the 10% threshold mandated by the Commonwealth.

Paul Collyer said...

How about the noise from a lot of people talking about balance for years........hopefully the administration will now hire someone with big city urban renewal experience.

Anonymous said...

IMO, this has been a long time in the making. #2 or #3 guy got whacked just a few years ago, but he probably ended up better off in the end as it's my understanding he works for the state in similar capacity. Can anyone confirm this.

The nepotism, cronyism, and political patronage involved in handing out work and determining winning bids was apparent to me quite awhile ago.

To bad low income housing will continue to inundate Worc until Mcgovern is de-throned. He's the trigger mechanism for all the money. Maybe Taunton will want to take some of his low income Washington DC money.

Anonymous said...

Mea culpa, I just read the article b/c I had no time to read it when I posted about 2 hrs ago b/c it was taking too long to DL with all the websites I had opened at the time.

I thought it was someone else who got canned. Oddly enough all of what I said, still applies.

I figured the top housing person was someone else.

After reading about Lukes requests the last few days it seems the builders of 1/2 million dollar apts are going to be gettign back to her with what I will call "spin".

It may go somethign like this:

"We ONLY spent 1/4 million $$$$ on DIRECT labor and mat'l for each so called 1/2 million dollar apt. All the rest was for general overhead and some profit"

Sorry, this may pass muster with some, but not with me. It's completely illogical. I cant wait to see what these high end , 1/2 million dollar per apt dev'ers have to say.

Paul Collyer said...

The spin is that the only way to get some of these older buildings rehabbed is with public sector money versus private because they dont make sense financially to the private sector and segments of the public want to save these older structures......three decker at corner of pleasant and mason a prime example of a bad project....$600k to rehab a three historical value.

Jahn said...

Paulie, try another 600k each for four 3 deckers between Kilby and Gardner Sts At Hollis and thats in 2001 dollars. They moved them 300 feet and then gutted em out. Coulda just built replicas for less money and then they sold them to "lower income types" for 165k each. Yup. i definitely call that non profit.

These four three deckers have been called the crown jewels of the McGovern Gardner Hammond Kilby project.

Bill here's one for you. Would you care to guess if Main South CDC paid for the sewer hooks ups at 12 bedrooms x $1,320 per BR or teh water hook ups at $1,000 per house?