March 14, 2012

Valley National Bank

This is the bank listed in the operating agreement, I just called them (800-522-4100).      They told me that they do in fact have an esgrow account for Direct Air but they can not tell you over the phone whether or not your monies are there.   You need to call your credit card company who can then check with Valley Bank, the esgow company holding the funds. 

  1. If you have a ticket do this and hopefully you get your monies back.
  2. If you do then file a claim with Capitol but they only have $200,000 of insurance?
  3. I fyou have vouchers (Family Ties) or memberships (Way 2 Go) , these monies did not go to esgrow but rather to Direct Air.     You have little to no chance of getting these monies back.
Personally I would file a claim with the insurance company now so I was inon the ground floor.   If I get my monies back then I would cancel claim? 


Brendan Melican said...

Bill, your coverage of this insanity has been excellent. But please, for the love of god, the word is ESCROW. There's not a "g" in sight. I say this as one of the worst spellers in history, but you're supposed to be the finance buy here.

Bill Randell said...

sorry Brendan

Anonymous said...

From what i understand direct air began refunding money back to ticket holders with actual flights booked no word has been given to people holding the family tie vouchers or way to go memberships and can not get a straight answer as to wether or not those folks are going to receive a refund all but 5 myrtle beach employees were fired and the west virgina office is still operating under new hours of operation of 9 am to 9 pm cutting those employees hours many of the employees are wondering if they are even goin receive their paychecks on friday but were assured they will get paid marshall ellison kay ellison and judy tull have left direct air

Anonymous said...

Not to post on your blog....research stanley marshall ellison and kay dearing ellison 4th time same situation

Jahn said...

If there is only limited funds available and ya wanna make sure you get your money just file a suit and then subpeona a few of DA bigwigs to Worc to testify. Rest assued they will not want come to court here and will pony up your $$$$$$ before all the others get paid.

That said, I wonder if as part of the prepay deals they have offered that have to go to binding arbitration on any disputes that arise which then effectively precludes a court action.

Ya know, I am glad i never fly. Between long drives to airports, parking, baggage, check in, security clearance, and all the other BS who the hell would want to fly.....for leisure nontheless.

Gimme a 65 degree mid March Day anytime, my back yard, my beach chair, my Speedo, a 4 oz bag of chips, and 16 oz'er that just sat in the freezer for 20 mins. :)

Jahn said...

What a way to ruin a 65 degree March having the T&G run a full page lisitng of worc's top 250 wage earners. WTh did I ever bother getting a PHD?

This was perfectly planned by the T&G, b/c in a few more daize we'll all be geetting our new property tax data , which taxes are used to fund these minicipal jobs and I mena come one......the Citys CEo makes less than the Chief of Police and the school Super.

These people should have to "serve" in the private sector for awhile. Ill betcha many of em only had summer job private sector experince before they got their "tenure"

Anonymous said...

Some of this i believe to be true i did call early this morning and could not get through until after 9:00 am, and the agent did state the new hours were 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M.

I could tell she was sincerely "sorry for any inconvenience", but was submitting my information for a 10 to 14 day processing refund.

The firing and people leaving...not sure I believe that.

Anonymous said...

Who are these people and what do they have to do with direct air? Did you find any information on them?

Anonymous said...

I was an agent in the WV office and were let go today. All the refund requests put in will probably not get processed as everyone was fired today