March 10, 2012


I posted this  before X-mas, but I thought it was worth a reprint for you... 

My daughter is in the 2nd grade now and I really can not believe all the emphasis on bullying. Dawson School does a great job explaining to kids what bullying is, what they should etc. Kudos to Dawson.

A friend of mine mentioned this to me, but referred to adult bullying when people run anonymous blogs or post anonymous comments ripping people apart personally. No facts, no counter points but just an outright attack on someone. I never thought of that, but how true!!    Actually the technical term is Cyber-bullying.

Will from Wonderland, Stuck In Worcester and any of you other anonymous commenters/bloggers, who personally attack people are nothing but a bunch of weak bullies and I truly feel sorry for you. You probably shake the hands and say "hi" to the same people you attack.


zed said...

And when you and your ilk pontificate about government or union employees, low income housing or shelters and people who need them, that makes you the nice guys?

Worcester Pride said...

I received a package in the mail yesterday in regards to this Worcester issue. I have shaken the hand of Mr. Kush as well as had a cup of coffee with him on occasion and never was I aware of the annonymous blog comments that he was making about my collegues. I am very disappointed.

Honest Government Employee Speaking Out said...

profile up one day, down the next, up the next day...I think the Zedski blogger is sweating. I hope he loses his job when his degrading anonymous blog posts hit the fan. He can then apply for unemployment benefits even tho disgraced-oops not allowing anymore since the Herald broke the story and apply for one of those CDC built 350K units on May Street

Jahn said...

ZED I pontificate about groups and things, mostly finance/money related. Yes, I do have my names for politicians, but they are fair game and nicknames are harmless and dare I say appropriate, too. E.g Fidel.

ZED when you list union 'ees, low income housing, and shelters; arent these same topics discussed almost daily on the air and in the T&G? So I guess the T&G and WTAG et al are some of the "nice guys", too...huh?

And speaking of union 'ees, todays T&G (3-11) has a lttter to the editor supposedly another victim of the Shrewsbury postal center closing. Sorry, but you goverment 'ees (yes the PO is a gov't funded and gov't mandated organization) shouldnt have tenure (never knew the PO did) and as group you folks need to get over yourselves. We private sector employees are the reason you even have a job. Try the dreaded private sector for 40 hours. you'll sing a different tune. And United Parcel Service & Fed Ex. are always hiring, but you wont be able to sit in the delivery truck every afternoon for an hour. The PO shoulda been downsized to 2 days per week residential delivery at least 10 years ago. 2/3's of the PO's total compensation is a form of welfare b/c it should been downsized years ago and was not and also b/c it's inefficient.

Dittos for what goes on up at the West Bolyston House of Corrections. Seems to me that more than just the inmates need some corrections and attitude adjustment.

Also IMO, look for more pi++ing & moaning in the not too distant future in Mass-Hole-Achusetts as defense, healthcare, and college spending take huge hits.

And today Heralds reports on two of the biggest welfare 'govt' employee compensation grabs ever. The two Kennedys (Joe K. II and wife) haul a nice $980,000 yearly in compensation outta the Mass Citizens for Energy (a non profit) and sons the of +++++es had the unmitigated gall to ask for private donations. Rest assured Martha will not touch this one.

But the Kennedys are nice people, unlike the guy who starts his own maufacturing co from scratch and is ostracized for pulling a $350,000 salary out of it and employing 200 people in the process.

Scott Brown should move to defund this kinda "Citizen" excess. I think it wold be a great campaign plank that many would support.

Bill Randell said...


Well said.. ZED I never said that we were "nice guys" discussing what I consider very important topics in Worcester.

None of this changes the fact you, "ZED" are indeed a Cyber bully and I do truly feel bad you.

Bill Randell

Anonymous said...

Seriously, it's pretty dim for some people to actually prove the concept of online anonymity as necessity. They stalk and invade privacy of whole families. What don't they understand about a public persona being no less valid under any name, even a pen name?

Elm Park Jogger said...

the difference Anon is that the few in question that have been uncovered have gone to great lengths to upset and in some instances attempt to destroy individuals, families & business.

Ask Bob Bourassa the harrassed and those familiar with the 2007 issue associated with Claude Dorman and the stories are not pretty.

Anonymous said...

When someone says or does something in public, it's fair game for comment or critique. If someone chooses to keep their online identity private because of ID theft and other issues, it's their right.

Anonymous said...

Bullies go after people for who they are, where they live or work, their social or economic status, it's personal.

Crybabies can't handle a different opinion when they say or do something in public that others find ridiculous.

Moron Detector said...


and morons do not know the difference between harrassment and opinion and discussion.

Moron Detector

Ass Detector said...

and you are an ass if you do not think that the harrassment of many by ZED, Claude Dorman & Peter Kush has not effected those harrassed and their families.

shoe on other foot and who is the crybaby and whiners now:>)

hopefully their mothers and fathers will fo what most mothers and fathers would do - kick their asses for bringing shame on them.

Steve Foley said...

Willie reminds me of the French Soldier from Monty Python's Holy Grail:

French Soldier: I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty headed animal food trough wiper. I fart in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.

Sir Galahad: Is there someone else up there we can talk to?

French Soldier: No, now go away or I shall taunt you a second time.