March 18, 2012

Direct Air Bankruptcy

If you look at the filing, thanks anonymous.  You notice three names
  1. Ed Warneck
  2. Hank Torbert
  3. Reg Grenier
Well we all know who Ed Warneck is, chief propaganda czar, but who the hell is Hank Torbert and Reg Grenier.   Answer as reported in Telegram Avondale Ventures.   Was Avondale Ventures part owner in Direct Air?

Where is Judy Tull and the Ellisons?   Where the hell is Ed Warneck? That guy was everywhere doing interviews and now we need to put his picture on milk cartons.... 

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

those two are the DC investors mentioned in the press release that bought a majority interest

The ellisons and judy tull were the management team they 'replaced' this week