March 25, 2012

Convenient Location?

No it is not convenient, but people will find it if we have the right flights.  Do we need an access road?  Yeah , we do, but there is no reason we can not make this into a vibrant airport over the next 10+ years, which it would take to build an access road.

What concerns me right now, more then an access road, is whether or not we have the adequate landing equipment at ORH for a company like JetBlue.  


Nick said...

I think you should email Andy Davis and ask him what JetBlue is referring to when they say "improved nav aides." Every time I email him, he gives me the run around. (

jose said...

According to jetblue it doesn't, so when will massport take care of it? The boston herald can spin the worcester story from last week to make it seem like the state just wants to keep it open only to spend money. But is anyone walking in to the massport offices and asking the abvious question? What and when will massport make the navigation imrpovements, or whatever the airport needs? And what arline carrier are they pursuing? Gotta put massports feet to the fire.

Jahn said...

Folks I think Jet Blue is like the woman who is always busy or has a cold on the nights that you ask her out. Gotta know how to take the hint, fold your hand, and cut your loses. Worc Airport at best will probably never in the immediate out years have more than 3-4 large comm air carrier flights per week. Both Allegiant and DA have been able to illustrate for us the demand level(s) at ORH.

Will we get another Allegiant or DA back at ORH. Yes.

Will we get short change over flights to NYC, or where ever flights at ORH? Maybe. Will there be demand for them. I doubt it b/c it's easier to just drive to RI, Ct, or Boston and take the destination flight than going through an outbound and an inbound changeover.

Too bad the City council is more concerned with playing political trivail pursuit with BS issues vs. asking Massport WTH they have been doing at the airport for 2 years?

Steve Foley said...

It seems that Hollywood solved our location problem. They moved the airport to Burlington over the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Is an access road needed?

It finally dawned on me that when I go to Logan I rarely drive there. Instead I take the Logan Express out or Framingham or Braintree It takes 30-40 minutes depending on traffic.

Google maps shows that Union Station to the airport is 5.7 miles and indicates a time of 14 minutes. 20-25 minutes may be more realistic. Could the access problem be solved with an express shuttle service from Union Station? They could add reasonably priced valet parking at Union Station as an inducement.

This addresses the "access road" issue for a fraction of the cost of actually building one and utilizes an underutilized facility.