March 28, 2012

Mayor's forum--Dave Rushford

Must see TV this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (Channel 3)--8PM.  Interview with the City Clerk, one public servant when asked a question (I have asked him 100"s), I get a quick clear consise answer.

Thanks Dave!!!!!


Tracy Novick said...

Seconded. He's always timely, clear, and helpful.
And that's a great photo.

Jahn said...

Agreed and my few dealings with the clerk or his office have always been very customer service friendly, effective, and efficient; except the time had to pony up 11 years of dog license fees to his predessor when my canine got pinched by the city animal authorities and the "bail" was hard to come by at that time :(

However that said, there is no way I would allow an employee at my lemonade stand to start running their own business from behind my counter and on my time. Further, my subsidizing of his business amounts to socialism and adversely affects others who run similar businesses.

I dont want a Comm Dev. Corp. to start a lemonade stand anywhere in my target market area :)

Its not always about who is a good guy and who isnt. Taxpayers are getting hosed.

Jahn said...

Opppps also, doesnt the mayor have many, many other much more important issues to be airing and spending his time on vs. running what will be an infomercial.

E.g. our bankrupt city, our airport, gangs, police, City Sq, etc.