March 13, 2012

E-mail I just received

Direct Air finds it necessary to suspend flight operation from Tuesday, March 13, 2012 until May 15, 2012. This decision was made to address operational matters. We are currently evaluating strategic alternatives for Direct Air.

Direct Air is committed to our passengers, employees, and the communities we serve.

Please check back to our website for more details.

Very Truly Yours,

Direct Air


Jahn said...

As mentioned before, Here's to hoping those who paid in advance and dont receive the airline service have at least placed their reservation, voucher, etc through a CC company.

So let's assume DA does come back from the brink, does anyone think the CC companies will allow customers to still buy from DA, esp if they get burned on this round. So whatcha going to do in the future if there are those who will still fly DA, mail them a check ??? Almost seems like going back to the dark ages.

Jahn said...

Bill, you should dime up Peoples Express. The media reports they are are on the come back trail and possibly looking for a New England hub.

And dare I ask where your favorite C. of. C is? :)

I was thinking, did Allegiant leave Worc over somehthing to do with the price of fuel at Worc Airport or was it something to do with fuel? Refresh my memory please?