March 27, 2012


In theatres March 30th,        Take a stand against bullying  by taking a stand with us


Saint John Alumni said...


All of your cyber bullying posts are related to children who bully other children, have you been able to find any articles on middle age men and women who turn into these monsters?

Perhaps there is no difference.

Somerset Sam said...

Looks like you guys have stirred up a hornet's nest over at W.W.W.

In the end these guys are all the same, no game. I live in the Elm Park neighborhood and there is not a soul within it who would support those two.

You should speak to Dennis Irish and the past President of Becker College, there is no love there Bill.

Many in the Elm Park Greek community received the past blog post on the Greek festival, our own hornet's nest is now a buzz.

Good Luck, many are rooting for you.

Paulie said...

Thanks Sam

None of what he has posted is true. I went to their door once after finding out that Claude and Kunigunde Dorman were Wee Will Wo Wo as would anyone who has been harrassed as long as I have been by them. I called his house twice and once left a message stating that we knew who Wee was. A call did go to his mother because it was originally thought where he might live-there is a big paper sign on house wall stating "DORMAN". She hung up when Claude was asked for:-)

All of this was brought up in court last week and Judge Loconto believed none of it because none of it is true.

Let him get as nasty as he he left the courtroom he and his wife told the judge and everyone else that all they wanted was for all of this to end......we all knew they were fibbing. This is their life.

Paulie said...

When I state that none of this is true, I am referring to the Wee Will blog and all of the nonsense he has posted-I did none of this...Judge Loconto threw both harrassment charges out.

Claude was home when I went to his door, he would not answer. In the 2006 Elm Park-Lincoln Estates article on Claude and his wife, she states that she was unaware of Claude's harrassment of Robert Bourassa and that she only wished it would go away when interviewed....five years later it is the same tune - she only wishes it would go away and again it is not going away. The only one to blame is the author of W.W.W.

I have offered numerous times for this to end and it isn't.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you all just call a cease fire you all look like asses