March 14, 2012

Million dollar question

If ticket sales actually were deposited with Valley National esCrow account, per the operating agreement, people should be able to get their monies back for TICKETS BOUGHT!!.    If they did not, which I would not doubt people may be out of luck going at them.   Does anyone audit this???  I doubt it!!!! 

Check out this case Stanley Marshall Ellison & Key Dearing Ellison.     Assume for a second the money is not there then you can file a claim against the bonding company but they are only in for 200,000!!!  That is not going to go far.

Membership (Way2Go) and Voucher (Family Ties) holders can exchange these for my TiNovo gift certificate.   They are worthless.    I am predicting that no way in hell are all monies at Valley National and the 200,000 bonding money will be burned through and alot of ticket holders will not get any money back either.


Janis said...

So who are the Ellison's and what do they have to do with Direct Air?

Daniel Boone said...

I read awhile back that MCAS questions involve the ability to make inferences.

A real MCAS example. Mr Jones cannot paint the south side of his house in the summer b/c the sunlight beats down on it too much. Mr Jones waits until later in the day to paint the south side of his house.


Mr J lives in the Northern hemisphere.

Mr J'ss house is in teh shade later in teh day.

Later in teh day Mr J's house is generally cooler.

Mr J has not pulled a permit to paint his house and always waits until after 430 PM on weekdays to do his work (projection anyone?) :).

Mr J is on SSI and shouldnt be working so he waits until after 430 pm whaen all teh SSI detectives are sippin' Guinness.

Select the above inferenences in order of most probable and least probable starting w/the most probable.

Anonymous said...

the Ellisons were 2 of the board members of direct air

they just bought a brand new yacht