March 05, 2012

Gary Rosen nails it

must read Rosen report


jahn said...

Sorry, but new cops, new buildings, a new mayor, and a new CC'or aint going to cure nuttin'.

City just goes deeper into bankruptcy every day and if you really want to cure what is dragging Worc down, we have to END the flow of low income housing money to Worcester and as long a Fidel is our congressman that aint happening.

Why doesnt the T&G tell the ENTIRE story of the tragic fire on Florence St 20(?) years ago. Once again another story that is only partially researched, just like Fridays piece about Violent crimes in WEorcester being only about shootings and not other violence crimes involing other weapons.

Why is our esteemed city hall finance chieftan being quoted ( 2-3 times now?)and getting involved with the Patriots towing stories?

And If one wants to open a shelter for dogs taken off the streets in Massachusetts assumedly by the dawg local catcher, the shelter has to be a non profit organization per an ancient Mass. law. WTH? THe CDC'ing of doggie shelters? This is the same mindset that says all Firemen in Mass have to be municipal employees.

Lastly, I am going to drop off a 53 ft tractor trailer load of Pampers, toilet paper, and tissues up at the Hotel West Boylston this afternoon. The crap, pi++ing, whining, and moaning from the personnel up there make me think of only 4 words. Corrections Corporation of America. 15 sick days in one year? Wonder how many were fridays, mondays, and/or days b4 or after a holiday weekend? SSDD.

Steve Foley said...

From Rosen's article:
"While Worcester has a competent and efficient police force, it is severely understaffed. That puts the chief, police officials and officers under additional stress."

I wonder if part of the exodus of the middle and upper class has anything to do with the police department's inability to protect law abiding citizens, while at the same time, the chief will not issue a license to carry firearms "for all lawful purposes" and thereby prevents law abiding citizens from protecting themselves.

Jahn said...

And speaking of SSDD, how about SSDY(year).

Specifically, why do I have to pay an excise tax on my 10 wheel, 1966, Mack B-81, 24 gear, 16-1/2 ton tare weight dump truck that just aggravates my hemmoroids and bad back every time I drive it.

Y'all try pushing that mule over the road for 8 to 10 hours a day! Y'all be 1/2 deaf, scratching your a++, and your legs will be falling asleep.

And for you St Jahns boys, Somerville afficiandos, and MCAS types; an excise tax is a tax on luxury items. Please tell me how a heavy duty dump truck is a luxury item. Maybe henceforth I should berth it with Sen Kerrys luxury items in Rhode Island?

Claude P. Dorman - Worcester Wonderland said...

Mr. Jahn

so what exactly will attract good people back to Worcester's neighborhoods. You have so eloquently stated what is not working but Kunigunde Cigan & I (Claude P. Dorman)are interested in what your solution is to bringing folks back to our wonderful Worcester urban neighborhoods.

Kuni, my bedroom name for her & I (Claude P. Dorman) are deeply involved in the East Highland Area Neighborhood Association...EHANA for short and we are experiencing the drain everyday.

We are unable to sell our house.

Claude P. Dorman
38 Sever Street
Worcester, Massachusetts

Jahn said...

Probably the best thing to attract good peopel back to Worc's 'hoods would be homes that are priced realistically to sell ......... i.e. prices that are not determined by amount of the outstanding mortgage on them :)

That said, some of Worc' neighborhoods are too far gone already. We need to immediately pplace a moratorium on all low income housing construction.

Mr Dorman, would you be kind enough to enlighten me as to what the boundaries of your East Higland 'hood are? TY

Claude P. Dorman - Worcester Wonderland said...

Kunigunde Cigan & I,Claude P. Dorman's home and Becker College.....everyone else moved cause of Becker College expansion or cause of us - Kunigunde Cigan & I, Claude P. Dorman.