March 12, 2012

Direct Air Bankrupt

Every day I get e-mails.  One day Family Ties is going to end, then once it ends low fares and now the Way 2 Go program.    Then one day Judy Tull leaves and the next day she is back.  During all of this I keep getting comments after coments about how bad the service is.   Looks like my February 1st prediction that they would be out of business was 41 days too early.

It is all over Twitter

Direct Air is BANKRUPT and has stranded passengers from Niagara to Fort Myers. A big FU to them

As punlic charter airlines, Direct Air was suppose to put monies from ticket sales into esgrow and have it bounded .  Bottom line if you bought tickets, your money should be safe.   On the other hand if you bought things like Family Ties, these were not tickets but vouchers--YOU ARE SCREWED!!!!!!

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Dont let the doot hit you on the way out said...

About now i am expecting a HT post about Allegients stock prices....

Bill Randell said...

better yet we should beg Allegiant to come back ot ORH

Anonymous said...


You called that one!!!
You aren't stockpiling gift certificates/vouchers are 'ya?
TiNovo , Direct Air, etc ...

Harry T

Steve Foley said...

I haven't found a bankruptcy filing yet. I'll keep checking.

The Ghost of Allegient Past said...

Announcement soon that Hanover Insurance has purchased Harry's Cropduster Airlines and it will now be taking the place of Direct Air at the airport-travelers will now have direct flights to Des Moines, city rejoices that Hanover again shows great faith and hope for Worcester-city administration and entire political delegation declares "HANOVER DAY"......the naysayers are again foiled by the nine or ten running the city.

Jahn said...

So Bill, please give me a date for the city of Worc bankruptcy. I dont need a filing date, just the date the city is insolvent.

Nevermind, I'll give you a date. How does June 30, 1981 sound? Thats correct...1981! Point being the city has been bankrupt for years but has never filed bankruptcy.

The dam accountants just keep letting city get away with it w/o calling the city out. IT CANNOT CONTINUE.

Every year at budget time we're told the city has cut to the bare bones and then 365 days later we cut again to the bare bones and and we're told that yes city services have been reduced but the residents are still being adequately served. Color me confused?

You cannot pay a cop $100,000 a year, a Fireman $75,000 a year or a teacher $75,000 a year; underfund their retiremnet liablities durng their working carreers; have them work 30 years; then have them draw a pension (do nothing) for $80,000, $60,000, and $ 60,000 respectively for another 30 years and think that the city can survive finacially.

Obuma-care may bail out the cities life time health insurance liablity if it holds up, but everyone will be hit with higher taxes to pay for it. Even the Pension Benefit Guaraty Fund couldnt come anywhere close to bailing out the pension liabilties of Worc or any other municipality.

OKKKKKKKK, Worc Aiport is back to where it was 5 years ago...i.e. no commercial passenger airline service. Contingency plans please? On a positive note, this may force Massports hand to do something, but do not count on it.

Jahn said...

How many people in Worc. could tell you where John OBrien Field is or what it is? Many would probably say it is a baseball diamond in some city park.

How many people in Worc could tell you where the Kenneth Burns Memorial bridge is? Some might answer with a question....isnt that In Elm Park where everyone gets does their wedding day Photo Bucketing/Shopping?

My point is that naming infrastructure after deceased local people is kinda crazy unless you were the Green family and insisted the park be named after your family or the city doesnt get teh free 500 acres of land.

Politicans deciding to name things after people is foolish becuz after 2 generations and often after only 1 generation no one knows who the hell you were anyway unless we're talking about those who have 48 year old great grandparents or 64 year old great- great grandaparents. For you St Jahns boyz and Summerville types, then means your offspring regularly start re-producing at 16years old and conceiving at 15 years old.

So why then is the Lake Quinsig Bridge still named after Kenneth Burns? No insult or dispect to his heirs, but shouldnt it just be called the Lake(Rte9?)Quinsig Bridge?

And these clowns on Beacon Hill are playing their numbers game with the constr costs of this bridge. $120M state estimate and it comes in at $90M bid, 25% under the estimate. I mean come on ...cut the Bovine Fecal Matter!

All this with the prices of steel, concrete, heavy equipment, fuel, and prevailing wage labor rising exponentially month over month? We aint that stupid. I mean a few of us we might sometimes believe a luitenant and his pajama clad Dapenz story, but I aint buying this bridge tale.

It's like look folks what a deal we got on our $120M bridge. FWIW, these large contractors aint got that much profit leeway in their bids. Fact is, it was never a $120Bridge.

So get Testa in there from the north shore in with their large demolition machines and start pulverizing the concrete deck that was replaced in 1984 and had a life expectancy of 45 years. For you 8th grade drops outs that means it should last until 2029.
This is The same way we pi++ away money razing 40 year old school buildings.