March 30, 2012

E-mail from Bill Randell???

I just went to my Outlook and there are 15 messages that say    "Delivery Status Notification (Failure)", but I had not sent out any e-mails???  It looks someone (wonder"land" who?) sent out an e-mail pretending to be me??

Bottom line if you get any e-mails from anyone recommending a link to Worcester Wonderland, we all know who it is from????   In fact I got one.     This is akin to someone setting a fire then calling the fire department.  A desperate cry for help/attention???

I would greatly appreciate if anyone reading this blog post spread the word on this...  THANK YOU!!!   Bullies are never ever able to stand up and put their name behind anything they say.  For that, in a way, I feel bad for these bullies.      Here is the message:

Bill Randell has sent you a link to a blog:
Blog: Worcester Wonderland
Post: Local Publisher Arraigned


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