March 26, 2012

Airport Director follow up question

Can someone suggest a follow-up question in our comment section?  I will pick the best one to help us get an answer to our original question and forward it to him, as well as post it on this blog.




Jahn said...

Per my (you Bill) most recent correspondence w/JB, they have suggested ORH needs the following before they will even CONSIDER ORH


Would you be kind enough to comment on JB's wishes for ORH.

Or if Massport can afford a FULL page T&G ad when a mere letter to the editor ( As I Se It article) would suffice, then why cant we also have the best navigation system

jose said...

here is the last paragraph from that boston globe article.

Barger said that the Providence airport appears well prepared to handle JetBlue flights. “I think we’re real impressed with what we saw with the infrastructure in Providence,” Barger said. By contrast, he said that Worcester Regional Airport needs significant upgrades to improve passenger access and navigational aids. “I mean, it gets a little foggy up there,” Barger said. that article was back in september of 2011.

this is from the massport website:
Worcester Regional Airport's amenities include a $15.7 million passenger terminal and over $12 million worth of airside improvements such as lighting systems, navigational aids and a new control tower.

jetblue is saying worcester needs "significant upgrades to improve passenger access and navigational aids". mr. davis has to know this as the airport director.

bill, maybe you should contact jetblue too, and see what their reason is. while your at it, contact allegiant airline and see why they havent come back to orh. ask both what will take, what changes needs to be done for them to fly out of orh.

Frequent Flier said...

There is an article about DA in the Myrtle Beach Sun News today. I don't know how to post it here, but it should be shared with the public and the Mass Port Director. The problem wasn't the airport, it was the dirtbags stealing money from the Company. Another carrier would no doubt be successful if it was run properly, hopefully another airline will see that and take advantage of a great business opportunity.

Jahn said...

Because I have been so busy this morning trying to locate Paulie and make sure he's OK, I have not had time to fully read Massports latest venture into T&G advertising/infomercial.

However, as I perused the piece I found it interesting that Massports CEO Mr Mackey, says that:

"Worcester Airport has some two million people living closer to it than any other airport".[in New England?] "That represents more than 5% of New Englands population"

A small extrapolation for you Winterhill urban dwellers :) and I arrive at a NE population of...... 40 million (2,000, 000 divided y .05)...which my instincts told me was way off...thus my Googling above

So here is a copy and paste when I Googled NE population:

2010 Census
Connecticut 3,574,097
Maine 1,328,361
Massachusetts 6,547,629
New Hampshire 1,316,470
Rhode Island 1,052,567
Vermont 625,741

New England 14,444,865

Seems Mr Mackey has mistakenly implied that NE's population is 3.5 times larger than it really is. No big deal, we all make mistakes, but most NE dwellers would probably have the same reaction that I did...........i.e. HUH...I didnt know NE had that many people.

Wouldnt ya think that before anyone releases a piece of this magnitude that they would have at least 2-3 other people proof it for clarity, grammar, fact check, etc. ........with one of those persons being someone trained in communications. Surely there is a Massport $200,000 job classification called Communications Director. I assume Mr Mackey meant 15% which is what the number really is and that somehow the number "1" got left on the cutting room floor which should result in a refund from T&G?.

Here's to hoping Worc airport is run better than MP's $5,000press releases. I'll be watching for the $5.00 correction paragraph :) and yes even I make an occasional numbers mistake

Steve Foley said...

For what it's worth, it looks like 53,000 passengers departed from ORH last year (2011).

Myrtle Beach:11781
Punta Gorda:14873
West Palm:5290
Atlantic City:293
Ft. Myers:167