March 21, 2012

JetBlue Blog today

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There goal is 150 departures per day out of Boston.....     We can't get 1??!!!      WTF.  Enought of this bulls--- we dont have an access road.   There are 99 other reasons why ORH does make sense.  


jose said...

lets face it, jetblue already said orh needs to make upgrades before they consider flying out of orh last fall. seems like the next step massport needs to take is to make the required upgrades. but if they do and no one comes, then what? all that money spent. i think we need to forget about jetblue for now, try to get someone willing to fly out of orh, and if that happens, then make the necessary upgrades to get jetblue or someone else.

Bill Randell said...


I agree with you. Wasn't the whole reason we wanted MassPort was because they had the monies to do this?

Spend the 10 million, upgrade the landing system?

Does anyone really believe that we can get 150 departures per day out of Logan but we can not get 1 out of ORH?

None of this makes sense?


Big Daddy said...

Wild Will not to be confused with Wimpy makes sense if JetBlue doesnt believe there is a market for them.....Worcester is an hour away from three good airports.....we are not lacking in opportunity to fly out of the region conveniently. Sure it would be nice but is it necessary for a happening Woo....not so sure.

Lots of effort expended on this....maybe time to move on.

jose said...

If there's no market in worcester, then why did 107,000 people fly last year on a part time schedule. That's a 50% increase in passengers on a part time schedule. There are hundreds od thousands of people who do live close enough to wrocester that its more convinient to fly out of orh. Obviously orh isn't trying to compete with the big 4, but to say there's no market is wrong.