March 18, 2012


We knew here on this blog that Direct Air was going down for some time.   The number of complaints that I would get via e-mail and cell phone were unreal.     The top three were 1) the delays, 2) nobody ever answered the phones and 3) the lack of communication at the terminals when there were problems.  Despite all of these problems, Direct Air still sold tickets!!!   A publicly traded company like Allegiant that although must have egos (just like anyone else) also has a fiduciary responsibility to their stock-holders.   There is a huge opportunity for airline.

All of us want JetBlue--I know that.   For the life of me I can not understand how JetBlue can fly 100 flights per day out of Boston, but we can not get 1 flight per day out of ORH?   I like my one flight per day to Florida.  Short of that Allegiant and not Peoples Express or Vision are our next best bet!!   People's Express way too early to jump on that idea and Vision?  Well just do a google search.  Not as bad as Direct Air but not the best reviews.  Then check out Allegiant.  Only good news!! 

 Allegiant ORH-PIE.

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