March 21, 2012


Starting to seriously question the sale of ORH to MassPort.  I agree that Worcester should not be in the airport business, but maybe we should have (which was mentioned 100 times on this blog) put this entire airport out to bid to all the airport mgmt companies, UPS of the world, etc.

The whole benefit of a MassPort take over was that they would be able to divert carriers to ORH to service their passengers that live in the ORH catchment that fly out of Boston and maybe steal those who go to Hartford-Providence-Manchester..   One year and nine months later not one flight?  Nothing...   Meanwhile the goal of JetBlue is 150 departures per day out of Boston.      

Harry, let me ask you this.. Just for a second we assume SouthWest decided to fly out of ORH, do you think MassPort would let them????      By now I predicted multiple commercial carriers out of ORH when MassPort took ownership, but sadly I have been completely wrong!!! 

150 departures out of Boston from JetBlue and we can not get 1 per day??? 


tim macdonald said...

What doesn't make sense is if ORH had flights for the travel needs of Central Mass I agree it would take some business from Boston but it is not hurting Massports bottom line. Its taking money from one pocket and putting it in the other pocket. On ther other hand it will take business from its regional competitors Providence, Hartford, Manchester which will increase Massports bottom line.

Anonymous said...

Bill... you know all my rants on this blog ... Massport never had ORHs best interests at hand ... waiting until Logan is at 100% capacity to start moving flights to Worcester is absolutely ridiculous... BTW, the MBTA building out commuter rail service to TF Green airport doesn't help our case , either ... Mass taxpayer $$$ to help RI ?!?!?!? WTF?! When the tunnel ceiling tile accident occurred ...did Logan divert planes to ORH? Nope...they bussed...I repeat..BUSSED people to Manchester airport! We are screwed...

Harry T

Jahn said...

For 21 months I have been asking where the CC is on Worc Airport. Zero increase in comm. air flights during their ownership so far and zero new comm carriers/flights.

Yet the CC will take off all over DA and Tim Murray accused Allegiant of backstabbing Worc when they pulled out...proabbly for a good business reason(s).

Also where is Murrays juice in getting something from Massport, not that I nec. advocate that.

Ya know this whole Jetblue wish.....I mean who wants to fly to NYC or where ever and switch ( very time consuming) to other destinations when one can drive to Logan or Prov and back probably in less time than it takes to switch planes, plus maybe get a less overall travel cost.

Not sure If asked thsi already, but Where is the Worc Chamber of Commerce of late? Ne'er a peep

Nick said...

Just some feeder service to NY using basically any airline would be good. Even some flights to Orlando, Tampa or Sarasota, and Miami... We'd be willing to take any COMMERCIAL AIRLINE.