March 15, 2012

Direct Air Employees Comments

I have been gettting these, which I have no way of verifying but they sure look legitimate.   If you look at my stat counter the blog has been getting hits from that area?

Unemployeed thanks to direct air said...
The whole staff was fired today from the direct air west Virginia call center as a former employee may i say all ur statements of family tie members and way 2 go members will not get their monies
12:18 PM

Anonymous said...
there will be no refunds for vouchers, and no refunds will probably get processed. the staff that was working on the requests was fired today
3:10 PM

Another unemployed member of direct air said...
I was also an agent in the west virgina office and was fired today i was informed by the supervisor that ticket holders of any kind are pretty much out their money due to no funds available the amount of money owed to several different companies a substantial amount we were informed that the DOT was trying to help direct air investors in the right direction which gave us hope of employment but today 30 + employees were fired around 10,000$ was refunded yesterday and thats it i would like to apologize for working for crooks please know none of the agents were aware of the wrongful doings and we all have felt horrible for the outcome
4:56 PM


Stranded by direct air too said...

I was employeed with direct air these comments are legitimate...we stumbled upon ur blog by researching the company to stay informed of what was happening because no one would tell us anything we had to do our best to advise passengers with little information and tell them to watch their local news or check newspapers because we honestly knew nothing ur blog was passed amongst the staff we are good people and did not realize what was happening to our passengers or our jobs i hope the communities that we have had the pleasure of working with will not think of us in the same manner as the direct air corp office i am so sorry for everyone who will lose their hard earned money to that company.

Bill Randell said...

Please keep sending us any updates and again nobody here blames the employees.

Your mgmt was crooked and they knew the shipping was sinking and ripped off anyone they could (you and us).