March 15, 2012

Old Buildings

Was the Empire Mattress Building (9May Street), 5 May Street or the Burwick (Hadley)Furniture Buildings historical landmarks like , for example, Mechanics Hall?  No!!  I actually remember the initial movement to save Mechanics Hall in the mid 70's.  It made sense then, now and I am glad we did it.  Most importantly it has paid back a return to the City of Worcester.

Does anyone really believe that the saving of 5 May Street, 9 May Street and the Hadley Building to the tune of (I am guessing right now)  of $40-$50 million.  My god can you believe it is that much money??     Do you notice any return on this investment?   In fact I could  argue that  we would have been better off tearing these buildings down and saying no to any of these "free monies".  

Evidently trying to say we need more affordable housing when we are well beyond that mandated by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts no longer works.  Now we need to save every single older building in the City of Worcester, but since a private developer can not make economic sense out of it, we need to let the affordable housing developers do it.

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