March 16, 2012

Direct Air Employee Comment (West Virginia Call Ctr)

Anonymous said...  Just informed by payroll processing co that they are waiting to get an update from direct air sopke w rep
from myrtle call center they have nothing to do with the west virgina call center payroll co and can not assist with getting our pay checks today was supposed to be pay day and my direct deposit is no where in site
7:31 AM

Anonymous said... Payroll processing co for west Virginia call center never received wire transfer from direct air into the payroll account the payroll co is doing best to contact someone in myrtle beach direct air office but phone calls are being avoided still no word on wether or not we will be paid calls have neen made to labor board and governor of west Virginia
11:59 AM


Bill Randell said...

I hate to say but I see it at the bankruptcy court as one of 100 other creditors looking for money in 6 months

Anonymous said...

A big thanks to employers innovative network for paying the direct air wv call center employees out of their account even though direct air has yet to deposit the payroll funds

EIN was the payroll processing co