March 20, 2012

Jeff Barnard

I have said this many times, but it is worthy of it again today.   Remember the first time I was told that "Jeff Barnard was here to see you".   I had no idea who he was, walked up to him and he introduced himself and said "Jeff Wormtown Taxi".        We talked for a long time, even met for a coffee a couple times and met up on Park Ave for the blogger story from WoMag.   We did not agree on every level, but he was just a good guy and was always helpful with suggestions.  Think, or I hope, I did the same in return .....  In the end I considered him a friend. I have met alot of great people through this "silly" blog.   I guess even the blog world is going to have its good and bad people just like the real world.   

In the words of Rodney King, too bad we can't all just get along??

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Anonymous said...

Jeff was a class act all the way...

Harry T