March 09, 2012

Mason & Winfield

 I actually attended this kick-off and everyone celebrated the renovations of this house.   Remember it clearly because I almost fell over when I was told that they invested close to 500,000!!!

It was then I realized how out of control the monies were in these projects.   Remember the person next to me commenting on the woodwork and how they painted it versus doing vinyl siding...

Drive by and take a look at this house getting vinyl sided today.
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Jahn said...

I know that house well and the open house party ,too. I went to the open house adn to the best of my memory it was the summer of 1998and there was free feed there too. Seems to me i recall a big Greek fella there chowing down, too??? :) We both beat Gus out of having to pay for lunch that day :)

I too have watched that house fall into disrepair over the intervening years. My memory is that Worc Common grounds did the re-hab. Somehow this house, just like the gangbanger house at 60 Providence, has fallen into the hands of new owners. However FWIW, I am unaware of any badboy types at this address.

And speaking of addresses, I just drove by Mason & Winfield and this house isnt there anymore? Howe can that be? Aint it Mason & Pleasant? Few pops with Paulie at lunch today ? :)

Dare I ask about Worc Common Grds mission statemnt and how this house, 60 Prov. St, and 40 Mason St are consistent w/WGC's mission statemnt to 'hood? Sorry, but I seem to see a few inconsistencies. Meanwhile back at WGC headquarters at Chandler & Piedmont...........more planning is being done to "enhance" the 'hood.

File under: Another $160 per sq ft re-hab and thats at 1997 prices. Inflation adjusted it's more like $250 per sq ft in todays $$$$$$$$.