March 23, 2012

Hagerstown has been able to get Allegiant back!!!

If Hagerstown can do it, why not ORH?


Anonymous said...

well, what can be done? bill, you are a business man, the telegram gazette quoted you in a article last week about worcester airport. who knows how many people read or know about your blogs, maybe you need to forward this article to the telegram gazette ans the boston herald, if you havent done so already. raise to awarness to the paper hoping that they too will right an article pleading to massport "whats going on here". no reason why allegiant air cant come back to worcester and fly the old direct air routes, or atleast 2 of them. massport needs to make the navigation upgrades the airline industry says orh needs,

jose said...

bill, lets take your idea for jetblue to allegiant air,what if we let allegiant air charge alittle more for their tickets, let allegiant fly on the weekends, friday-monday, and fly to a couple of florida cities and myrtle beach? i dont know which of direct air's route was the most popular, but fly those routes again. and then try to bring in a 2nd carrier to fly tuesdays and thursdays, maybe spirit or virgin america. with a large hispanic population im sure a route to san juan would be very popular.

Jahn said...

So here is a T&G story that I believe is in the latter part of 2005. Next post will another Allegiant Story.

"The establishment of quality, low-cost air service is another sign that Worcester is on the move," Senator Edward M. Kennedy said. "This is a strong, vibrant, and growing market, that's starting to attract the attention of outside investors, and this announcement is a great step forward."

"I am thrilled with Allegiant's decision to begin commercial service from Worcester to Orlando/Sanford later this year" Congressman James P. McGovern, Third Congressional District of Massachusetts, said. "Today's announcement confirms what many of us have long believed about Worcester Regional Airport. Commercial service can and will succeed at Worcester if we have competitive fares to desirable destinations. Allegiant embraces that business model, and I think their commitment is a great sign for the future of our airport."

The self-proclaimed "Official Airline for Sunshine" will launch the new scheduled service with complete vacation packages including air and hotel stay at the Rodeway Inn-Maingate starting as low as $138** for three nights, per person based on double occupancy. (Package price reflects a Thursday departure and Sunday return and may not be available on every flight.) This price even includes a complimentary breakfast.

"I am extremely pleased to welcome Allegiant Air to Worcester Regional Airport," Michael V. O'Brien, Worcester's City Manager. "The decision of Allegiant to locate their operation in Worcester underscores the strong level of demand for air travel that exists in our market. That air passenger demand, complemented by Allegiant's solid track record, strong management team, and competitive fares, have all the ingredients for success. Allegiant's low-fare, nonstop, jet service to Orlando, combined with the convenience of Worcester Regional Airport, should be a winning combination that attracts passengers from throughout Central Massachusetts and brings commercial air service back to Worcester."

The airline said that its market research and input from local community leaders indicate that the Worcester community will welcome the new nonstop flights and low fares to Orlando as an alternative to long lines, expensive parking and long drives to other airports.

Massport CEO Craig P. Coy said, "Allegiant's service to Sanford/Orlando is good news not only for the local economy, but for consumers. Businesses and residents throughout the area deserve high-quality, convenient service, and I'm confident Allegiant will provide it."

"We are thrilled to welcome Allegiant Air to Worcester," Mayor Timothy P. Murray said. "Travelers from throughout Central Massachusetts have longed for low cost service to an attractive destination and Allegiant has certainly answered that call. Sunshine state here we come!"

"Today's announcement signals a new beginning for Worcester Regional Airport. I believe that people in central Massachusetts have been looking to take advantage of affordable vacation destination in America," said Robert Nemeth, Chairman of the Worcester Airport Commission.

Jahn said...

"Two months after celebrating its 10,000th passenger with rosy predictions about the future, Allegiant Air, the only commercial service out of Worcester Regional Airport, has told the city it will cease operations here Sept. 3.

Maurice J. Gallagher Jr., president and chief executive officer of the Las Vegas-based economy airline, told City Manager Michael V. O'Brien by phone Monday that escalating fuel costs forced Allegiant to end its nine month stint ferrying passengers between Worcester and Orlando-Sanford International Airport despite 85 to 90 percent capacity.

"We're down but not daunted," Mr. O'Brien said last night of the latest in a long series of airlines to depart Worcester over the last two decades. Allegiant becomes the 13th commercial carrier to come and go since 1988, when five commercial airlines served the airport.

The airline has been making twice-weekly flights to Florida, charging from $79 to $179 for one-way tickets. Mr. O'Brien said Mr. Gallagher assured him passengers holding tickets for flights after Sept. 3 will be reimbursed or offered tickets on other airlines.

Mr. O'Brien said he was told by Mr. Gallagher that the plane used by Allegiant on the Florida flights, the McDonnell Douglas MD 80, is not fuel efficient at that distance, cutting into its profit margin per flight.

City officials wondered, however, if other factors might be involved, including Allegiant's decision to become a publicly traded company, and the airline's recent announcement of expansion of service this fall in eight cities in the Mid-West and West.

"They're going public and have to show Wall Street they can cut to the bone," District 5 Councilor Frederick Rushton said. Allegiant is expanding, he said, in places without competition from other major airports," said District 5 Councilor Frederick Rushton. "Where's the competition in Missoula?" he asked referring to one of the eight markets Allegiant will add flights.

Mayor Timothy P. Murray said Allegiant will soon end its service at the Portsmouth, N.H., airport. High fuel costs made competing with major airports in Boston, Providence and Manchester more than the low-cost airline could absorb.

"With deregulation, 9-11 and now the high fuel costs, these are very difficult times for airlines," the mayor said. While Allegiant's decision was "clearly disappointing," Mr. Murray said it did not reflect negatively on the potential viability of the airport to support commercial traffic.

"We kept our part of the bargain," Mr. Murray said. "They may be leaving, but it's not because of lack of interest or lack of passengers."

Efforts to reach Allegiant executives last night were unsuccessful.

Councilor At-Large Konstantina B. Lukes said the news was "a hit in the stomach again."

"I thought we had a good partnership," Mrs. Lukes said. "This wasn't the city's fault. We were certainly willing to go the extra mile for the airline. You'd think they would be able to hang on for the busy travel season to Florida. And the trend was supposed to be in favor of regional airports and smaller airlines."

Jahn said...

Sooory , too many words for...had to go to 3 posts

2nd T&G story continued here"

" Unless Worcester can develop more political muscle in Boston, Mrs. Lukes said she was not optimistic about the airport's future. "I don't know how we can recover from this without political clout or at least a sympathetic ear in Boston," she said.

Rushton's optimism for the future of commercial service remains undeterred despite the 13 airline departures.

"We didn't understand how to market the airport in the past," Mr. Rushton said. "The bottom line is that it's not fantasy that this airport will work."

Councilor at large Joseph M. Petty, chairman of the council's Transportation Committee expressed confidence that good news would soon emanate from the airport.

Mr. O'Brien said the city continues to talk to several commercial and corporate carriers. He said seven "entities" also have expressed interest in two parcels of land near the airport. He stood by recent comments that he will have an announcement of a deal in the coming weeks.

As Will Jr, would say, is it just me or is this 100% Deja Vu. Look at the comments of the CC'ors. Can anyone say SSDD (Same ++++ Different DAY). So Direct Air will be the 14th carrier to abandon Worc since 1988. The bride has hoped in bed with and been divorced from 14 different suitors in 24 YEARS. Just long enuff to get knocked up and grab the child support 14 diff times. :) OK OK OK they werent all the brides fault. She cant over come her inherent deficiencies.

Well we got the political muscle that Lukes refers to and what has happened in the 21 months that the political muscle has owned the place AND Worc's home grown Timothy has been Lt Governator.....well frankly nothing has happened, except the aiprort has crashed again.

Janh said...

Your mission Bill, should you decide to accept it is play superman and get us another commercial air carrier.

The Jahn will disavow any knowlegde of your action(s) Should you be unsuccessful in your mission, it will not affect any futre assignements. The Secretary wishes you well